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6 new products (plus industry buzz) from the 2018 Chicago Midwinter meeting [video]

March 16, 2018
The Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting is famous for its product debuts. Here are a few of the new products (and updated favorites)we found at the 2018 meeting.
2018 is well underway, but for the dental world, things kicked off in February. As the de facto New Year's party for the dental industry, the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting is famous for its product debuts and technology rollouts. Here are six new products we found this year, along with updated products, new product applications, and buzz about where the dental industry is headed.

Exploring new diagnostic applications in cone-beam imaging: i-CAT FLX V-Series from Kavo Kerr

As cone beam imaging technology improves, it shows promise for new applications. In this video,Robert Kaspers, DDS, discusses an orthodontic case study using the i-CAT FLX V-Series, an upgradable CBCT unit from Kavo Kerr Group.

A vision for digital dentistry: PrograMill One by Ivoclar Vivadent

Part of Ivoclar Digital, the Ivoclar Vivadent PrograMill One is a tiny, wireless milling machine with next-generation capabilities. First revealed to the industry at the 2017 International Dental Show, it's now available to dentists in the United States. The ProgramMill One can be operated with an app from a smartphone. George Tysowsky, DDS, explains how the machine fits into Ivoclar Viviadent's vision of the future of digital dentistry.

An eye on clinical efficiency: Jiffy Universal ceramic adjusters and polishers by Ultradent Products

In this video, Dr. Chris Salierno learns how advanced ceramic adjusters and polishers like Jiffy Universal can improve clinical workflows—saving time, money and headaches.

A new product to simplify day-to-day dental life: BioGuard enzymatic and biologic evacuation cleaner from Hager Worldwide

Each year we see a simple product that can make life for dental practices easier. This year it's BioGuard by BullFrog and Hager Worldwide, an enzymatic and biologic evacuation cleaner that requires only two applications a week.

Out with the old, in with the new: Traxodent gingival retraction paste system from Premier Dental

Dr. Jason Goodchild discusses how the Traxodent gingival retraction paste system from Premier Dental replaces cord and provides results in minutes.

A new next-generation bulk fill: Reveal HD Bulk from Bisco

New product alert! Watch the video to learn more about the bulk-fill innovations packed inside Reveal HD Bulk from Bisco.

Lab-like results in the office: by Glidewell Laboratories is a suite of technologies that lets dentists produce high-quality restorations chairside. Learn more in this interview with Glidewell Laboratories COO Greg Minzenmayer.

No insurance? No problem. Kleer's dental membership plan gains traction among dentists—and patients.

Dental membership plans are becoming more popular among dentists and patients, but why? Kleer CEO Dave Monahan offers his perspective and describes the Kleer dental membership plan platform.

Whitening on the go: Pola Luminate from SDI

SDI's Pola Luminate enables patients to perform teeth whitening on the go. Learn more in this interview with SDI's Amy Miller.

A new double-function device: CamX Triton HD intraoral camera and caries detection device from Air Techniques

The CamX Triton HD diagnoses caries and takes intraoral images. Learn more in this interview with Dr. Susan McMahon.

Bridging the gaps of digital dentistry: The new ScanX Swift View digital radiography system from Air Techniques

The ScanX Swift View is a digital radiography system with touchscreen controls. It accommodates all intraoral formats and enables an easy switch to a digital workflow.

Kids (and those who treat kids) love it: Embrace WetBond Pit & Fissure Sealant from Pulpdent

Amber Auger, RDH, MPH, explains how the chemical properties of Embrace WetBond Pit & Fissure Sealant from Pulpdent make it perfect for pediatric dentistry.

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