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5 new products (plus industry buzz) from CDA-Anaheim [video]

June 11, 2018
Learn about new dental products and industry updates from our video coverage of the 2018 California Dental Association meeting in Anaheim. Featured products include Riva Star from SDI,, ContacEZ IPR Supra+, Planmeca PlanMill 40 S, and ProSites digital marketing solutions.
It's summertime, and that means going to the West Coast to check out one of the US's largest (and most buzz-worthy) dental meetings. Here's our wrap-up coverage of the 2018 California Dental Association meeting in Anaheim, in which Dr. Chris Salierno interviews five companies about their new products and the industry trends they're seeing.

A leap forward for silver diamine fluoride: Riva Star from SDI

Dr. Ron Kaminer discusses the history of silver diamine fluoride (SDF), its clinical applications, and common myths. He looks at Riva Star from SDI, a new SDF product that arrests caries, desensitizes teeth, and won't turn teeth black—unlike other SDF products on the market.

5 must-have dental marketing tips

How's your marketing ROI? Here are five quick-and-easy dental marketing tips that can make a big difference. Dr. Chris Salierno talks to ProSites VP of Products Keith Washington about gathering positive reviews, how to manage your online reputation, bolstering your online security, maintaining HIPAA compliance, and more. brings the lab inside the dental practice

The line between dental office and dental lab continues to be blurred. Through, dentists can have a lab technician remotely access their in-house milling system. Learn more about this leap forward for in-house restorations in this interview with Glidewell's Rob Brennise.

Improving IPR: New products from ContacEZ

Dentists frequently make mistakes in their interproximal reductions (IPR). In this video, Joshua Kim talks about new products from ContacEZ to help get IPR right, including Supra IPR+, SupraDisc, and a composite saw.

Planmeca PlanMill 40 S offers open architecture for dental milling

In this video, Dr. Chris Salierno talks with Doug Gouger about the benefits of open architecture software for dental milling and the Planmeca PlanMill 40 S.

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