TurboPIEZO Ultrasonic Scaler helps conquer calculus

March 24, 2008
Scaler is powered by vibrating crystalline plates.

Parkell has introduced the TurboPIEZO Ultrasonic Scaler.

The scaler features the following:

* Expanded low-power "perio" mode

* Foot-controlled turbo power boost

* Five-year warranty (one-year on handpiece, cord and hoses, three months on tips)

* Complete with three tips (two perio, one universal)

* External water filter that prevents clogs and dripping

The TurboPIEZO, priced at $699, is powered by vibrating crystalline plates, making it quieter and generating less heat than a magnetostrictive scaler. The scaler can be used with minimal water flow or no water at all. The turbo feature provides boost scaling power by simply increasing foot-pressure.

For a limited time, try the TurboPIEZO for three months risk-free. To order a TurboPIEZO, call Parkell at (800) 243-7446 and mention promotion code: 2633.

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