Study: NU Radiance whitener remineralizes, recalicifies incipient lesions

March 5, 2008
Study demonstrates that product recalicifies incipient lesions to clinically significant depths (100 micrometers).

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin--A study published in The Journal of Clinical Dentistry has shown that Nu Radiance Forté Teeth Whitener promotes the remineralization and recalcification of teeth during the whitening process.

The study demonstrated that Forté recalicified incipient lesions to clinically significant depths (100 micrometers) and improved the surface hardness of the enamel.

The studies were performed under the direction of Bruce R. Schemehorn at Dental Products Testing, Indiana University Emerging Technologies Center in Indianapolis.

The tests, which simulated in vivo conditions, showed uptake of calcium (10 percent+ increase) and corresponding increases in surface hardness when using Forté calcium peroxide whitening agent, compared to a non-whitening control (saliva).

These results compared favorably with the losses of calcium and decreased enamel surface hardness reported in studies of many conventional whitening agents.

The Nu Radiance Forté Whitening System is a dentist-provided, tray-based, take-home whitening product that uses calcium peroxide to boost the whitening effect while providing calcium compounds at a healthy high pH to remineralize the teeth and to reduce the dentinal fluid flow, a major cause of tooth sensitivity.

Forté, a catalyzed 30-minute whitener, has been successfully used by thousands of patients during the past two years. It uses a dual barrel syringe to dispense freshly mixed gel, a combination of 14 percent calcium peroxide and 30 percent carbamide peroxide, at each application. Recent innovations also include multiple disposable tips to make dispensing very easy.

The Nu Radiance Forté Whitening System is available in single patient kits with EVA material or formable mouth trays, touch-up kits, and in bulk packs of 36 individually wrapped whitening syringes.

Nu Radiance products offer clinicians a variety of tooth-whitening options and are sold through authorized dental dealers.

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