Products provide operatory computer keyboard, optical mouse barrier protection

Aug. 6, 2008
Practicon offers QUIKSheath Optical PC Mouse Cover and large QUIKcaps.

Practicon now distributes two products that protect operatory computer equipment from cross-contamination.

Designed for clinical use, QUIKSheath Optical PC Mouse Covers protect cordless and corded optical mice from cross-contamination. Sized and contoured to slide over most standard mice, each sheath has a clear plastic design that does not hinder the operation of optics or click buttons.

Large QUIKcaps are specially sized to fit computer keyboards, an often overlooked site for potential cross-contamination. Elasticized edge envelops exposed keyboard surfaces to protect from airborne contaminants, disinfectants and dust.

Made with a thin transparent plastic, QUIKcaps keep keys in plain view and functional. QUIKcaps are also large enough to cover B-size set-up trays.

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