New option in dental anesthesia offered in Chicago

Jan. 29, 2008
Sedation method touted as more cost-effective and convenient for dentists, less invasive for patients while providing a safe environment of care.

CHICAGO--Mobile Anesthesiologists Holdings, LLC has announced the release of Mobile Safe Anesthesia for Dentists or Mobile SAF-D.

This new method provides deep sedation for short-duration, less complex dental cases requiring anesthesia, such as multiple fillings, crowns, extractions, and root canals. Mobile SAF-D greatly reduces anesthesia induction, and recovery time and can be more cost-effective and convenient for dentists, less invasive for patients while providing a safe, environment of care.

Dental professionals also benefit from more efficient caseload handling, reduced liability concerns and a renewed ability to focus on the dental aspects of their procedures. Mobile SAF-D is of special interest to pediatric dental practices where reduced time in the dental chair is of even greater significance to younger, often fearful, patients.

With more than 10 years' experience, and as the only national full-service, turnkey, office-based anesthesia practice accredited by the Accreditation Association of Ambulatory Health Care, Mobile Anesthesiologists provides ambulatory anesthesia. Mobile's board-certified/eligible anesthesiologists and ACLS/PALS certified recovery nurses provide a perioperative environment that is unique to Mobile to help enhance provider productivity and level of care.

In January 2007, Mobile Anesthesiologists of Tampa Bay introduced Mobile SAF-D to area pediatric dental practices. Dentists utilizing Mobile's new method have testified to the positive effect it has had on their practice and patients.

According to Ronald Acquaro, DDS, "Mobile's SAF-D has been great for my practice. Eliminating the need for a full general anesthetic with intubation has minimized recovery time and stress for my patients," he said, "I have also increased the number of cases I can handle per day and passed the cost-savings on to my patients."

Mobile SAF-D is a modified form of anesthesia based on a model employed by Dr. Dennis Stone, a well-known Florida pediatric anesthesiologist. Mobile SAF-D uses the medication Propofol as the primary agent, which can be easily titrated up or down by an anesthesiologist based on patient reaction to dental stimulus and the depth of anesthesia needed.

The majority of the agents utilized by dentists (i.e., Demerol, Fentanyl) are not as easily titrated and the dentist must divide his or her attention between the dental procedure and the safe monitoring of patient vitals, such as airway and respiratory status. With Mobile SAF-D, the dentist can concentrate on the teeth exclusively and not worry about the safe sedation of the patient.

Traditionally, dentists have had just a few anesthesia options: a combination of local anesthetics and anti-anxiety agents such as nitrous oxide. performing IV sedation themselves, using an ambulatory anesthesia provider for general anesthesia in their office, or scheduling procedures requiring general anesthesia to be performed at hospitals or surgery centers.

Due to increasing out-of-pocket expenses for patients and decreased payor reimbursements, the expense of some of these treatments is cost-prohibitive. Not to mention, with the recent news spotlight on anesthesia-related deaths in dental offices, dentists are looking for safe, alternative anesthesia solutions that reduce their professional liability.

Mobile Anesthesiologists of Tampa Bay's Robert Dickerson, MD, a pioneer in the field of office-based anesthesiology, said, "After a highly successful first year in Tampa Bay, we are really excited about introducing the Mobile SAF-D method to the Chicago market. In the new era of consumer driven health care, health-care professionals who stay ahead of the curve with innovative solutions will clearly differentiate themselves in any highly competitive marketplace."

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