HOYA ConBio offers new fiber option for DioDent lasers

Sept. 30, 2008
Flexible fiber is designed to provide optimum performance for a variety of soft-tissue dental procedure.

FREMONT, California--HOYA ConBio, a leader in dental and esthetic lasers, has announced the availability of a replacement fiber for the original DioDent dental laser models.

The flexible fiber is designed to provide optimum performance for a variety of soft-tissue dental procedures.

"The new fiber is an example of our commitment to developing ongoing improvements for our legacy products which continue to be robust and effective tools for many progressive dental practices," said Timothy S. Gehlmann, president & CEO, HOYA ConBio. "At the same time, we are equally committed to providing new models within the category, offering dental professionals a portfolio of options to best suit their practice needs."

Designed to help eliminate fracturing and enable simplified pocket maintenance, the fiber was tested through 100 steam sterilization cycles and showed no degradation in transmission or reliability. Bendable tips enable posterior access and a nick and fleck cleaving delivers fiber preparation and a flat fiber tip.

The fiber kit includes a fiber spool and mount to add to the existing system that stores the fiber. The new handpiece locks the fiber in place securely, preventing the fiber from pulling out or pushing in. The fingertip jacket stripping eliminates the need for tools.

The fiber is available as a replacement for the DioDent, DioDent II and LVIlase models, and is already featured on the next-generation soft tissue laser--the DioDent Micro 980. The DioDent dental laser system was introduced in 2002 to provide safe and effective soft tissue modification and pocket depth management.

The DioDent Micro 980 dental laser, introduced in 2007, is a next-generation diode laser for use in a variety of procedures. This includes excisional and incisional biopsies, fibroma removal, gingivectomy, gingivoplasty, oral papillectomies and sulcular debridement.

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