A-dec raises the bar for integration with new Acteon Sopro 617 intraoral camera

June 18, 2008
The world-leading Sopro 717 will also continue to be available.

A-dec announces the release of the Sopro® 617 intraoral camera, the latest imaging innovation from The Acteon® Group. The new Sopro 617 is available as an integrated option for A-dec delivery systems beginning June 16, 2008. The world-leading Sopro 717 will also continue to be available.

The new Sopro 617 combines the latest in LED lighting technology and superior optics to provide incredibly sharp images. The camera provides a wide 105° angle of view for exceptional visibility, even in hard to reach areas of the oral cavity. It also features an aspheric lens which effectively eliminates "fish-eye" distortion. Add elegant, ergonomic design—as well as a highly competitive price—and you have one of the best values in intraoral cameras today.

Integrated with A-dec systems, the Sopro 617 provides more than just a great view. A-dec delivery systems place the camera right at the operator's fingertips, which means less reaching, increased productivity, and more time in their day. The Sopro 617 also operates directly from the delivery system while fully connected to the treatment room computer. As a result, operators can view and save images directly into the patient record, reducing clutter, improving efficiency, and providing clear, simple communication with patients about recommended treatments. Operators can also use the patented SoproTouch sensor on the handpiece to view and save images. Other top features include analog and digital imaging capability, a quick-disconnect design for easy sharing between treatment rooms, and easy-handling with a balanced weight of only 1.9 oz (55 g).

According to A-dec Marketing Director Peggy Fisher, the new camera is another step forward in providing superior tools to the dental team. "The new Sopro 617 provides amazing clarity and exceptional performance—along with a very competitive price," she said. "And with full integration into A-dec systems, the camera not only improves visual access in the oral cavity, it also increases efficiency and productivity."

The Sopro 617 is just one clinical product in a full spectrum of quality choices from A-dec. Customers are encouraged to contact their local authorized A dec dealer for more details on A-dec's complete range of treatment room solutions.