LGE Dental Devices releases new APX-21 electronic apex locator

Dec. 4, 2008
Next generation, high-frequency apex locator replaces lip clip with an ECG skin electrode.

ROCKVILLE, Maryland--Unlike present technologies that use low-frequency measuring signals, the APX-21 operates at frequencies above 50,000 Hz.

This provides unconditional stability and an indication of flooded canals. It uses "constant current amplitude method" to provide unmatched precision in measuring the file location in the root canal.

APX-21 enables the use of a skin-attached electrode instead of the lip clip, although it works well with either.

The use of the skin patch provides:

* Convenience to the practitioner and the patient by avoiding the insertion of a lip clip into the patient's mouth and wiring it to the equipment

* No need for electrode sterilization

* Improved stability of electrical contact and measuring results

APX-21 uses advanced technology with precision and stability.

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