New FireFly Kids' Flossers easy to use

July 16, 2008
Flossers are sized for a child's small mouth.

There's no glossing over it. Flossing, which removes plaque and food particles from the spaces between teeth and from the gum line, is just as important as thorough brushing.

In fact, people who don't floss every day are leaving about a quarter of the surface area of their teeth unclean--even if they brush! But now, good flossing habits can start in childhood.

eFly Kids' Flossers by Dr. Fresh are colorful, single-use flossers that are easy to use--even for beginners. They are sized for a child's small mouth. No more grappling with awkward, slippery lengths of floss, or struggling to reach tight spaces in the back of the mouth.

Kids simply grip a bright, Firefly character handle that is preloaded with nylon- waxed floss for each use. Then, they gently slide the Flosser between two teeth, using a saw-like motion, and repeat until all the teeth have been flossed. After that, the teeth are ready for a final rinse, and the flosser gets tossed.

"Holding the handle instead of the floss itself is not only easier, but also a far more hygienic approach for kids," said Steven J. Brattesani, DDS, a San Francisco-based dentist. FireFly Kids' Flossers are designed for kids ages 4 to 12.

"Until a child is old enough to floss herself, parents can do the job. The shape and color of the flosser are fun, and they're the perfect introduction to a lifetime of good oral-care habits," added Brattesani.

FireFly Kids' Flossers come in an assortment of orange, blue, pink, and green. A 36-pack retails for $1.49, and is available at mass market retailers nationwide.

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