BIOLASE launches new Waterlase C100 all-tissue dental laser system

July 10, 2008
Hard- and soft-tissue laser provides clinical procedures including cavity preparation, early stage periodontal therapy and soft tissue procedures.

BIOLASE Technology, Inc., a leading dental laser company, has announced the global launch of a new Waterlase C100 hard- and soft-tissue laser.

Designed for the restorative general dentist, the Waterlase C100 provides clinical procedures including cavity preparation, early stage periodontal therapy and soft tissue procedures with more patient comfort compared to conventional instrumentation.

Introduced as part of the company's new and expanded product strategy, Waterlase C100 is priced to appeal to a broader cross section of the dental market. First customer deliveries are expected to begin before the end of this year's third quarter.

The Waterlase C100 is scheduled to be launched at the national sales meeting of the company's exclusive North American distribution partner Henry Schein Dental, part of Melville, NY-based Henry Schein, Inc. It is also slated to be launched in Europe, as well as in other markets including Korea, Japan, Germany, Spain, Australia and New Zealand.

BIOLASE Chief Executive Officer Jake St. Philip noted that the company has engaged in market research since he came to BIOLASE in January. The results of these studies indicate that a broader product offering complements the flagship Waterlase MD in the all-tissue laser segment with multiple price points can increase the adoption rates across many segments of the dental market, especially among dentists who are just starting to build their practices.

"This introduction marks the launch of a new product strategy at BIOLASE," said St. Philip. "Our overall corporate mission is to transform the practice of dentistry and to make every dental practice a waterlase dentistry practice. Considering the broad range of clinical and cosmetic dental procedures made possible and more effective by our YSGG laser technology, offering a full range of products across the spectrum of price points should get us much closer to that goal."

The Waterlase C100 all-tissue laser combines Waterlase YSGG technology with reliability, clinician control, operating efficiency, and flexibility in tip and accessory selection. While it offers a narrower scope of applications than Waterlase MD, it provides for an advanced level of clinical results in a wide range of hard- and soft-tissue procedures.

St. Philip continued, "Our goal is to provide every dentist a laser product that addresses the needs of his or her dental practice over time. The Waterlase MD is ideal for anyone with a well-established and successful practice. And now, with the introduction of the Waterlase C100, all-tissue laser dentistry is affordable to an entire new generation of dentists and a wide range of practices that desire to provide their patients with the benefits of both hard and soft tissue laser procedures but have not been in a position to purchase our more feature-rich, high-end Waterlase MD."

The addition of the Waterlase C100 to the product family complements the Waterlase MD all-tissue laser and the ezlase diode soft tissue laser, giving BIOLASE a range of waterlase dentistry solutions.

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