Suni Medical Imaging introduces SuniRay

July 2, 2008
Product being promoted as the next generation in intraoral digital radiography.

SAN JOSE, California--Suni Medical Imaging, a pioneer in digital radiography, has introduced SuniRay.

SuniRay is an advanced intraoral digital radiography system. Using CMOS technology and Prof Suni Advanced Imaging Software, SuniRay delivers high-image quality with diagnostic capabilities.

Designed and manufactured in the Silicon Valley, SuniRay represents a balance of form and function. The product's ergonomic design and rounded corners ensure positioning and patient comfort. The design of its reinforced cable attachment makes SuniRay durable and reliable.

"Suni's new SuniRay digital radiography system represents the state of the art in both technology and design," Bill Fitzpatrick, Suni's president, said. "Plus our new one-click image enhancement software makes it easy to capture and analyze dental radiographs quickly."

Contact a Suni customer service representative at (800) 438-7864, or visit the company's Web site at Suni Medical Imaging for more information.

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