New data shows NovaMin can improve fluoride benefits by 50%

April 25, 2008
Findings presented at the American Association of Dental Research.

ALACHUA, Florida--Two important abstracts presented to top clinical researchers and leading oral care manufacturers at the AADR indicate that NovaMin containing fluoride varnishes and dentifrices not only have the potential to treat sensitivity, but also have the potential to remineralize caries like lesions under both full and compromised salivary conditions.

This is an important step forward for the oral care industry.This new ingredient has been proven to provide oral health benefits, such as sensitivity relief, dentin remineralization and periodontal health.

Today, these studies revealed further the NovaMin anti-sensitivity benefits as well as the potential of NovaMin to enhance fluoride caries protection and efficacy.

"The results from these studies continue to illustrate the power of the NovaMin material in multiple applications while demonstrating its superiority over conventional products/technologies", stated Dave Muscle, director of research and Development at NovaMin Technology, Inc.

Salivary flow has a key role in the overall oral health and can affect young and old alike. Saliva is needed to flush the mouth to clear food debris that forms bacteria in plaque. It buffers the pH, helps digest food, prevents infection and makes it possible for you to chew or swallow.

Fluoride has been recognized as the industry standard for oral dentifrices; however, when salivary flow is compromised fluoride dentifrices require calcium and phosphorus minerals to remineralize the tooth surface for protection. Calcium and phosphorous are naturally found in saliva and they are usually responsible for repairing the tooth surface.

When NovaMin comes in contact with saliva, it rapidly releases calcium and phosphorus to form a new layer of hydroxy apatite on tooth surfaces. NovaMin accelerates this process by increasing the saliva pH and supercharging the saliva with calcium and phosphorus ions.

NovaMin particles also stick to the tooth surface and continue to release particles for several days, before the particles transform into HA. This combination of HA and adherence of NovaMin particles occlude the open dentinal tubules and reduce sensitivity.

"It is quite an honor to have an oral presentation accepted at such a prestigious meeting as the AADR," stated Anora Burwell, manager of R&D at NovaMin Technology, Inc. and presenter.

The AADR is recognized by researchers and oral care experts as a leader in oral health research and a source of knowledge and emerging technologies for the improvement of oral health worldwide.

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