LED Dental launches advanced VELscope system

May 1, 2008
System features enhanced performance, extended warranty and increased support materials.

WHITE ROCK, British Columbia--LED Dental Inc. has announced that it will begin shipping an advanced version of its revolutionary VELscope Oral Cancer Screening System. The new product is called the VELscope Vantage system.

"Our recent survey of dental practices using the original VELscope system revealed extraordinarily high satisfaction levels," said David Cox, president and chief pperating officer of LED Dental and its parent, LED Medical Diagnostics. "However, as good as the original VELscope system is, the VELscope Vantage provides an even more comprehensive solution for customers who are looking
for additional benefits."

The VELscope Vantage system carries a suggested retail price of $6,995, and offers the following special features: more powerful lamp technology that provides better fluorescence and improved camera imaging, a two-year comprehensive warranty, enough disposable products (VELcaps and
VELsheaths) to cover 200 screenings, a camera adapter kit for digital photography, and access to several continuing education courses related to use of the VELscope system.

"Our survey also indicated that practices charging for VELscope system screenings charge an average fee of $35, and the vast majority of patients find that fee to be very acceptable," said Cox. "If a practice purchasing our new system charges a $35 screening fee, the system will be fully paid for by the time the practice consumes the disposables that come with it. And for most
practices, that could take only two or three months."

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