Zap Lasers introduces first microlaser for soft-tissue applications

May 15, 2008
Styla is an all-in-one advanced microlaser system that should provide doctors with freedom of movement throughout treatment areas.

LAS VEGAS, Nevada--Zap Lasers has unveiled the Styla MicroLaser for soft-tissue management,.

The world's first microlaser for soft-tissue applications, the 1.9-ounce Styla combines design and diode laser technology in a self-contained unit measuring only 6.9 inches long. The handheld Styla has no wires or cables, allowing dental professionals to move freely throughout treatment areas.

"In bringing the first affordable soft-tissue lasers to market, Zap eliminated cost as a hurdle to owning a laser and pioneered the widespread adoption of lasers in the dental community," noted Zap Vice-President of Sales and Marketing Alex Di Sessa. "Introducing Styla, Zap continues to break barriers, eliminating the cord and delivering a powerful soft-tissue laser with the freedom to move wherever the doctor does, even between practices, making sure patients in every operatory and office receive the highest standard of care possible."

Engineering and features
Zap engineers have spent more than two years compacting the company's
industry-leading diode laser technology into Styla's all-in-one design. To be sure the new microlaser delivers Zap's a high standard of care, Styla has been custom-engineered to maximize power and ease-of-use. In addition to 2.0 watts of power, eight pre-set procedures and continuous and pulsed modes, Styla's features include:

* Lightweight Aluminum Body: Styla's sturdy aluminum body is tough enough to withstand the daily demands of a busy dental office, yet lightweight and ergonomically balanced, so it remains comfortable even after extended periods of use.

* Pre-threaded Disposable Tips: Styla's pre-threaded disposable tips save time by eliminating the need for scoring and stripping, and are ready to use from the box. Precisely placed magnets align and secure the tip for an exact fiber connection every time.

* Intelligent Gravity Sensor: Styla's intelligent built-in gravity sensor automatically detects the microlaser's orientation and adjusts Styla's high-contrast display to be read whether operated by a left- or right-handed practitioner.

* Compact Charger Base: Styla's sleek, compact charger base does double duty as both Styla's resting place between procedures and a powerful battery charger capable of simultaneously charging three batteries in less than one hour.

* Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries: Styla comes with two rechargeable
lithium ion batteries. A single Styla battery can run for more than 20 minutes without interruption--enough power for more than 15 procedures. Fully charged, battery stand-by time is more than eight hours.

* Wireless Foot Pedal: Styla's wireless foot pedal uses advanced 2.4 GHz wireless technology to securely communicate with Styla's main body.

The Styla MicroLaser is available for pre-order directly from Zap via the company Web site or by calling (888) 876-4546.

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