Demandforce announces next generation patient communication system

Feb. 29, 2008
D3 release includes two-way appointment confirmations via text messaging.

SAN FRANCISCO, California--Demandforce, a provider of online patient communications systems has announced the general availability of its next generation patient communication known as Demandforce D3.

Demandforce D3 includes functionality that allows dental practices to more effectively attract new patients, retain existing patients, reduce no shows and measure patient satisfaction.

D3 highlighted features include:

* Two-way Text Message Capabilities: Patients can choose to receive a text message to remind them of their upcoming appointment. They can reply with a "C" to automatically confirm their appointment in the Demandforce system.

* Intelligent Newsletters: Practices can now segment their patient base to send the right content, to the right patient at the right time. This increases per visit patient production.

* Digital Consultant: Demandforce D3 automatically displays critical practice health metrics against aggregate data across the Demandforce network to highlight areas for potential improvement.

"Our new D3 product contains revolutionary technology that helps practices reduce costs while increasing production," said Rick Berry, president of Demandforce. "Our patent pending SMS technology has drastically reduced the number of calls practices need to make to confirm appointments".

"Our patients absolutely love the e-mail and text message capabilities of the Demandforce D3 release," said Dr. Cynthia Brattesani. "They appreciate the high-tech approach and our call volume and no shows have been dramatically reduced resulting in a true win-win scenario"

Additional features included in this latest version are geared towards a more flexible platform for the practices to use. Practices will now have the ability to upload their own images and personalize patient communications allowing them to modify information and focus on branding themselves.

For more information, go to Demandforce.

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