Discus Dental introduces Insight

Aug. 6, 2009
Ultrasonic insert has patented LED technology that helps improve workflow and ergonomics and decreases interruptions.

CULVER CITY, California--Discus Dental has introduced Insight, a solution in ultrasonics.

Insight offers a combination of ergonomic features including dual-LED illumination, 360-degree swivel, a comfortable balanced grip and optimized water flow that provides hygienists, dentists, and patients ultrasonic scaling.

The patented LED technology helps improve workflow and ergonomics and decreases interruptions as practitioners no longer need to adjust positions to avoid blocking the overhead light. Instead, they can keep a neutral body position, which is important to ergonomics and core, body health.

Another ergonomic benefit of Insight is the 360-degree swivel that is incorporated into a soft, ergonomically designed grip. This benefits the clinician in many ways.

Switching from the maxilla to the mandibula can be done single-handed. Dentists can also rotate the insert to follow the line angle of the tooth without straining against the cord.

When it comes to larger adjustments, like moving from the buccal to proximal of a tooth, there is no need to remove the insert from the pocket, thus improving workflow. The patient can appreciate the smoother scaling, and the clinician does not have to overlap strokes (or miss a spot) because of the starting and stopping.

To further ensure patient comfort, Insight offers internal water flow delivery through the tip base. This is kept consistent by a spacer that resides inside the grip, reducing lavage and enhancing patient comfort. Water flow will remain steady and aid in patient comfort.

Insight was designed with input from opinion leaders in the hygiene community. They asked for an innovative, ergonomic ultrasonic insert that meets hygienists needs while making the scaling experience more comfortable, efficient, and effective.

Field testing with 300 hygienists yielded feedback.

"Illumination in the posterior areas, size of the handle, size of tip, patient comfort … all are just perfect!" said Colene House, RDH, Asheville, N.C.

More than 75% said Insight is better than their current primary insert.

Melissa Baron, RDH, Bristol, Tenn., said that she "loved the slim tip, great patient comfort, good tartar removal, comfortable to hold and use, would love to have more."

Added Jill Baron RDH, Fredericksburg, Va.: "The Insight ultrasonic insert is outstanding! It's easy to use, adapts really well, and provides excellent visibility in all areas, including those very difficult to reach and around orthodontic brackets."

Key features and benefits include:

* Patented swivel mechanism for handling and ergonomics

* Patented, dual LED technology that helps improve workflow by decreasing interruptions caused by overhead light and body repositioning

* Available in classic internal flow, consistent water delivery through tip base

* Available in an array of tip styles:
1. Universal
2. Straight thin
3. Right bend
4. Left bend
5. Triple bend
6. Beaver tail

Insight is available in a variety of tip styles and 30K frequency. In the fall of 2009, 25K frequency inserts will be available.

More information is available at Discus Dental.

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