Bur kit designed for dental assistants by a dental assistant

Jan. 14, 2009
CDA Express bur kit helps keep work simple for assistants.

ROCK HILL, South Carolina--KOMET USA has introduced its first bur kit designed for dental assistants by a dental assistant.

The CDA Express Bur Kit (TD 2103) was developed in conjunction with Tina Calloway, CDA, of Greensboro, N.C., to "keep things simple" while working on provisional temporaries.

A "Christmas tree" acrylic bur is included so assistants can reach the margins better. A flexible honeycomb/swirl diamond disc helps assistants trim and shape the interproximal areas, and helps assistants accomplish a feathering technique (thinning the acrylic material in specific areas).

This technique allows assistants to blend and reduce excess material with visual because of the thinness of the disc. he kit also comes with an acrylic slow-speed, football-shaped bur. This allows the assistants to adjust the occlusion minimally to keep the natural anatomy. A rubber polisher is provided to smooth out any rough edges and a micro fiber polisher adds a high shine.

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