Multilink Automix "Easy" introduced

Jan. 19, 2009
Product aims to provide better excess clean-up with high bond strengths.

AMHERST, New York--In response to market demands, Ivoclar Vivadent has introduced Multilink Automix "Easy."

This new "Easy Clean-Up" formulation of the clinically proven self-curing luting composite with light-curing option now offers extended clean-up time for those dentists choosing to pre-polymerize excess material with a dental curing light.

Additionally, Multilink Automix offers other advantages: high immediate bond strengths, efficient, durable adhesion, good marginal adaptation and effective sealing of the dentin, uncomplicated application technique, and an ability to cement restorations made from metal, metal-ceramic, all-ceramic, and composite materials.

To use the new Multilink Automix "Easy Clean-Up" formulation and "Quarter Technique" to remove excess cement, dentists light-cure excess material for two to four seconds per quarter surface (i.e., mesio-oral, disto-oral, mesio-buccal, disto-buccal). This causes the excess cement to obtain a gel-like consistency so that it can be easily removed with a scaler.

Due to its patented, hydrolytically stable phosphoric acids (acidic monomers), Multilink Automix "Easy" can provide high bond strength and efficient, durable adhesion.

Within only 10 minutes, Multilink Automix "Easy" establishes a long-lasting bond to a variety of restorative materials. Multilink Automix also works for cases that require fast and reliable self-curing (chemical curing) and/or do not allow cementation to be completed with light-curing due to restricted access to light (e.g., oxide ceramics).

Multilink Automix "Easy" is available in system packs that include the Multilink Primer A/B in shades opaque, yellow and transparent, the metal/zirconia primer, Monobond-S, the Automix syringe, and various accessories. Refills of each Multilink Automix "Easy" shade syringe, as well as the Primers, Monobond-S, and mixing tips, also are available separately.

For more information, call (800) 533-6825 in the U.S., (800) 263-8182 in Canada or visit Ivoclar Vivadent.

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