Titanium abutments bur kit available for dentists

Nov. 20, 2009
Instruments are now available in a 10-instrument kit.

ROCK HILL, South Carolina--KOMET USA's titanium abutments instruments are now available in a 10-instrument kit designed especially to be used by dentists.

Kit 4475 contains burs made from tungsten carbide, designed for the intraoral adjustments of titanium abutments. These instruments effectively work on titanium abutments and should be followed by a matching finishing bur, identified with a red ring.

The bur's coarse, cross-cut toothing is specially developed for intraoral preparation of titanium and cuts tough titanium without clogging. Five congruent carbide finishers are also available in the kit.

Shaping burs are identified with a golden shank and a "G" in the reference number, and come in different sizes: H856G.314.016/018, H847KRG.314.016/018 and H379G.314.023.

Finishing burs are also available in common sizes: H375R.314.016/018, H336.314.016/018 and H379.314.023.

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