System removes scratches, high shines dentures simultaneously

Nov. 20, 2009
ACRYL-MARVL is a solid, bar-like material that eliminates the use of pumice or pumice-like powdery materials.

Dental Ventures of America has introduced a system called ACRYL-MARVEL for simultaneously removing scratches and high-shining full and partial dentures.

Since ACRYL-MARVEL removes scratches and high shines the denture simultaneously, it eliminates the need to stop working, wash pumice-like materials from the denture and change brushes during polishing. This simplifies procedures.

ACRYL-MARVL is a solid, bar-like material that is used in a moisture-free environment. It allows complete finishing and polishing of the appliance at the normal, sit-down working area.

Small brushes or wheels may be effectively used in and around gingival cervical areas without disturbing the natural contours and other esthetic effects. This enhances the appearance of the finished product.

As well as being supplied in a Lab-size, 500-gram bar, ACRYL-MARVEL is available in a Repair-Bit Kit that is designed to eliminate cross-contamination and simplifying repair procedures.

The kit provides small-sized nodules to be used in individual repair cases. One nodule can be used for a case with the remainder discarded.

More information can be obtained by calling DVA at (800) 228-6696. A video technique streamer and Podcast interviews with early users of the product can be seen or heard by visiting Dental Ventures of America.

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