KOMET USA introduces H251ACR acrylic cutter

Nov. 19, 2009
Tungsten carbide cutter is designed especially to be used on acrylic material.

ROCK HILL, South Carolina--KOMET USA offers a new tungsten carbide cutter designed especially to be used on acrylic material.

With its specially-staggered toothing, KOMET's H251ACR.104.060 is a cutter designed for the rough trimming of acrylic denture bases. The instrument's toothing is an intermediate version between the super coarse and coarse-staggered toothing. This makes it suited for prosthetic acrylics.

The H251ACR.104.060 is sharp and removes acrylic material, yet is easy to maneuver without the tendency of catching the acrylic surface. This action helps result in a strain-free instrument.

For more information about KOMET USA or the H251ACR.104.060 cutter, call (888) 566-3887 or visit KOMET USA.

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