U.S. Patent and FDA clearance awarded for anti-snoring device

Sept. 16, 2009
United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted United States Patent 7,533,674, entitled "Tongue Retention Device."

Calgary--Calgary-based MPowRx Health and Wellness Products Inc. has announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office granted United States Patent 7,533,674, entitled "Tongue Retention Device." The awarded patent broadly covers the MPowRx Snoring Solution and underscores the innovate nature of the device. This patent complements a previously awarded U.S. Design Patent D461,240, entitled "Tongue Retention Device."

The company also announced that it has received 510K premarket notification from the FDA for the MPowRx Snoring Solution. The company has satisfied the agency's requirements as a Class II medical device, permitting it to begin marketing the device in the U.S. Acting through its U.S. agent, regulatory firm Emergo Group Inc., the company is proceeding with expansion plans across the border.

The MPowRx Snoring Solution, distributed in Canada by leading national distributor Patterson Dental, is being embraced by dental professionals who recognize the large unmet clinical need in the treatment of snoring.

"The issuance of this patent, combined with FDA clearance, positions the company for significant growth in a marketplace where few cost effective treatment options are supported by a proprietary technology and clinical efficacy," said Nancy Markley of MPowRx. "We are excited to extend this clinically proven device to the 56 million Americans who suffer from snoring." The MPowRx Snoring Solution was developed by Dr. Leslie Dort, Calgary dentist and dental sleep medicine researcher, in response to the growing incidence and unmet need for a simple, cost effective, clinically proven treatment.

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To learn more about the company's U.S. agent, go to Emergo Group.

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