Medstrat announces OsiriX Pro Integration

June 4, 2009
OsiriX Pro is a high-speed renderer for multi-slice and other images.

DOWNERS GROVE, Illinois--Medstrat, a leader in medical imaging for 13 years and a developer of FDA-approved orthopedic multi-platform PACS and imaging solutions, has announced the integration of Medstrat's PACS system for with OsiriX and FDA cleared aycan's OsiriX Pro.

Integral to a recently announced partnership with MacPractice to provide integrated practice management, EMR/EHR and medical imaging solutions for physician specialists and dentists who prefer to use Macs, Medstrat has expanded its 2D viewing options to include 2D, 3D, 4D and 5D rendering and viewing via open source OsiriX and aycan's FDA-cleared, low-cost, enhanced OsiriX Pro for high-speed volumetric rendering.

OsiriX Pro is a high-speed renderer for multi-slice and other images enabling 3D views via rendering or endoscopy, 4D views for Cardiac CT and other temporal series, 5D views for Cardiac PET–CT and other temporal series, and numerous image manipulation and organization capabilities.

Medstrat's PACS solutions read DICOM, Compressed DICOM, TIFF (8, 16, 32 bits), JPEG, PDF, AVI, MPEG, and QuickTime file formats, and can export studies as TIFF, JPEG, QuickTime, RAW, DICOM, and PACS.

Medstrat PACS integrates with the iPhone. Also, a portability product allows physicians to take images acquired in the office, along with Medstrat's viewing and editing software on a removable drive and view, edit, and annotate the images elsewhere.

Upon their return to the practice, the portable solution can be synchronized with the office PACS to update the server with changes made off-site.

Medstrat provides remote, intelligent storage, and disaster recovery for clients. Images are automatically archived to Medstrat's backup servers, and the oldest are deleted from the client's system if the on-site server's capacity is exceeded. The archived images continue to be retrievable live from Medstrat's backup servers as if they were local to the practice.

"The melding of Medstrat's PACS with aycan's OsiriX Pro, combined with MacPractice MD and EMR is a complete, industry leading, Mac solution for every medical specialty including radiology, cardiology, and orthopedics, developed and supported by companies with an excellent reputation for service and support" stated Mark Hollis, president of MacPractice.

Aycan's OsiriX Pro is available for purchase from Medstrat and MacPractice.

For more information, call (800) 882-4224 or visit Medstrat.

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