Quantum Health introduces clinically tested OraMoist Dry Mouth Patch

Oct. 19, 2009
Patch developed to increase mouth moisture for more than 25 million U.S. dry mouth sufferers.

EUGENE, Oregon--Quantum Health, maker of more than 50 natural over-the-counter health products, formulated with natural actives, has introduced OraMoist Dry Mouth Patch.

Each time-released, muco-adhesive patch (16 patches in each box) adheres to the roof of the mouth or inside the cheek and is powered by edible, natural ingredients that dissolve in two to four hours to release ingredients that help increase saliva production and moisten the mouth for several hours. This alleviates parched, dry mouth without affecting speech, eating, or drinking.

A study conducted at the New York University College of Dentistry demonstrated that OraMoist increased saliva production and improved patient comfort and satisfaction.

Dry mouth (xerostomia) is an under-diagnosed condition that affects 10% of the U.S. population, and can have a severe effect on oral health. It can cause tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath.

Dry mouth can be a symptom of several medical conditions, such as Sjogren's Syndrome and diabetes, and is a common side effect when taking certain Rx and OTC medications. In fact, people taking three or more medications on a daily basis have a 60% chance of suffering from dry mouth. Seniors often find themselves on various medications at higher risk.

Sugar- and alcohol-free OraMoist is sweetened with xylitol, which has been shown to reduce cavities and gum disease.

For more information, call (800) 448-1448 or visit Quantum Health.

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