H4MCXL carbide crown remover available in larger size

May 8, 2009
Carbide crown cutter has a pyramid-shaped blade configuration and transversing blade.

ROCK HILL, South Carolina--KOMET USA's H4MCXL carbide crown cutters are now available in an 014 size, which also has a longer working part (5 mm).

H4MCXL, along with KOMET's other carbide crown removers (H4MC [012] and H4MCL [012]), have a unique blade design.

Available in friction grip, KOMET designed the H4MC, H4MCL and H4MCXL carbide crown cutters with a pyramid-shaped blade configuration and transversing blade. This allows dentists to notice their impact when they cut into metal alloys, titanium, and ceramic veneers.

KOMET's crown cutters have a special D-toothing design that facilitates quick cutting of crowns and bridges made from conventional metal alloys. Large chip spaces allow fast chip removal and prevent clogging, especially when cutting soft alloys with gold content.

The pyramid-shaped blade design helps prevent blade breakouts and provides increased stability and high resistance to breakage, thus helping to ensure a smooth operation with little vibration.

The H4MCXL carbide crown cutters are recommended for use in an electric handpiece at 160,000 rpm, but it can also be used in a turbine at 300,000 rpm.

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