KODAK 1500 Intraoral Camera features image quality, usability

May 12, 2009
New camera is designed to eliminate problems common with today's intraoral cameras.

ANAHEIM, California--Featuring liquid lens technology that instantaneously focuses like the human eye and the freedom of Wi-Fi, the new KODAK 1500 Intraoral Camera from PracticeWorks Systems, LLC, delivers image quality and ease-of-use to dental practices.

The company will showcase this technology as a work in progress at the 2009 California Dental Association's Annual Spring Meeting. The camera is scheduled to be available for purchase by the third quarter of 2009.

"My staff found the KODAK 1500 camera to be incredibly light and easy to use," said Dr. Joseph Alvarez, Dentistry at Vinings, Atlanta, Ga. "The image quality and advanced features provide an ideal tool for enhancing patient communication so they can better understand treatment recommendations."

Image quality and practice efficiency
The KODAK 1500 Intraoral Camera captures still images and video with high resolution. True auto-focus of still images and video, elimination of undesired light reflection, and automatic adjustment to lighting conditions further optimize image quality.

Additionally, the liquid lens allows instantaneous and automatic capture of still portraits, full arch, intraoral and macro views with the help of light-emitting diodes that optimize illumination. These features allow improved visualization of hard-to-see areas including cracks and other lesions and potential oral hygiene issues.

Wireless technology for improved workflow, user experience
Built-in Wi-Fi wireless capabilities provide total freedom of movement without any wired connections between the camera and docking station. This results in a seamless workflow and user experience. And unlike older wireless technologies, Wi-Fi technology enables reliable wireless performance and integration with and without a computer.

The small docking and charging stations allow for easy installation and use anywhere in the practice, encouraging camera sharing across multiple operatories. The automatic sleep mode and extra battery ensure the camera is ready for use.

Still images and live video quickly display on either a computer or video monitors. When used with a computer, images can be stored and managed with KODAK dental imaging software. Wwhen used with a video monitor, images can be saved on a memory card and transferred to a computer for printing and storage. This printing feature is especially useful for supporting third-party reimbursement.

Ergonomics and return on investment
Based on feedback from dental practices around the world, the KODAK 1500 Intraoral Camera incorporates a stylish design that combines with a simple software interface for comfort and ease of use. The compact, lightweight camera is ergonomically designed to comfortably fit the user's hands. This makes it easy to hold steady and maneuver inside the mouth--even in hard-to-reach areas.

Its ability to help patients accept proper treatment of a condition they may not otherwise understand, combined with its many other benefits, help to support a rapid return on investment.

Product availability
The KODAK 1500 Intraoral Camera is currently in user testing. A "wired" version will also be sold, including all the same features and benefits except for wireless communication.

A patent application has been filed for the Kodak 1500 Intraoral Camera's liquid lens technology.

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