Medisafe launches Helix process challenge device

May 6, 2009
Device is specifically for type B autoclaves/steam sterilizers.

New HTM 01-05 (Decontamination in Primary Care Dentistry) and EN 867-5 state that dentists must aim to conduct and document regular testing of benchtop autoclaves, showing that the machine provides adequate steam penetration.

For quick and efficient monitoring of the steam penetration phase, Medisafe has launched the Helix process challenge device, which is specifically for type B autoclaves/steam sterilizers. This device makes self-auditing a simpler process.

The Helix Test Device (or Hollow Load Process Challenge Device, PCD) is developed and validated for testing the air removal/steam penetration capability to levels defined in EN869-5. It does this by monitoring the most essential parameters--time, temperature and quality of steam.

HTM guidelines specify that; "Failure to carry out routine periodic tests and maintenance tasks could compromise safety and have legal and insurance-related implications for the Registered Manager." This easy-to-use device comes with test strips that clearly indicate the machine's performance. Each strip is then simply attached to or stored with your records.

Medisafe carries a portfolio of tests for washers, ultrasonics, and autoclaves. With a range of hardware, test and accessory solutions, Medisafe is equipped to help practices achieve HTM 01-05 compliance.

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