PaX Primo to be available in two versions

May 7, 2009
Base version will be designated the PaX Primo while the upgraded version will be the PaX Primo(i).

HOUSTON, Texas--VATECH plans to soon introduce the new PaX-Primo, the next generation of technology in digital panoramic radiology.

Expected general availability in the U.S. is midyear 2009.

The PaX-Primo is equipped with a new generation of CMOS sensor that delivers digital panoramic X-ray images. The PaX Primo arrives fully assembled, is compact and lightweight (shipped assembled in a crate that is less than a four-foot cube, weighing less than 165 pounds). This facilitates uncomplicated installation.

The PaX Primo has a detachable high-resolution 10.4-inch LCD touch panel for simple intuitive operation, proper patient positioning, and image previewing.

The PaX Primo will be available in two versions: the base version will be designated the PaX Primo while the upgraded version will bethe PaX Primo(i).

The PaX Primo(i) features VATECH's proprietary Automatic Layer Selection Algorithm and Area Adaptive Mode solutions, which work together to maximize image quality. The AAM solution captures and instantly processes multiple focal trough layers throughout the single panoramic scan and then produces a final diagnostic image by selecting the optimal layers in different regions of the image. This maximizes image quality.

The PaX Primo(i) software and the captured multiple layers correct for common positioning errors. VATECH's new PaX-Primo provides time and cost savings along with digital panoramic images. This is accomplished via VATECH's digital technology.

The PaX Primo will be showcased at the CDA. Stop by booth 1688.

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