Trinite Learning announces two new products

May 14, 2009
Products deal with certification tracking and sales conversion software packages.

BOYNTON BEACH, Florida--Trinite Learning, a provider of business solutions software, has announced two new products.

These two products, a Learning and Talent Management System plus a Customer Communication and Interaction Platform, help businesses manage and track employees training and certifications as well as answer the challenges around client acquisition and shortening of sales cycles.

Product 1): Learning and Talent Management System, through its (PaaS) application, enables companies to manage in one location its training, certification, and talent resources for the growth of all their employees.

Product 2): Customer Communication and Interaction Platform, a secure and easy way to send and receive important information such as contracts, large files of 100MB or larger, and content-rich, interactive messages, delivered in a single message. In an ultra secure, closed-end network, the platform provides the ability to track message activity, execute contracts with e-signatures, track billing status individually or across an organization, and have long-term archiving for easy access.

Customers of Trinite Learning solutions and services are provided 24/7 technical support, training, and billing solutions. Customers can purchase all or either of the solutions based on their needs and budget.

Frank McSparren, Trinite Learning vice president of sales, stated, "Our team feels strongly that the use of these solutions in your business will provide real time cost savings while giving you the edge over your competition. This is a perfect solution for anyone trying to become HIPPA and SOX compliant. These are two unique platforms we have packaged together and most importantly, packaged as a robust business solution."

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