Magnification loupes help provide better visualization of oral cavity

May 29, 2009
Loupes from Miltex are a flip-up style and feature Set and Forget optics.

YORK, Pennsylvania--Miltex, a leading manufacturer of hand-held surgical and dental instruments sold to the health-care market through authorized distributors, has announced release of new magnification loupes.

Miltex magnification loupes help provide dental clinicians with better visualization of the oral cavity. The magnification loupes are a flip-up style and feature Set and Forget optics.

Dental professionals do not need to be individually measured to get a custom fit. Miltex optics allow dental professionals to set their interpupillary, convergence, and declination angle for optical alignment.

The optics are quickly and easily locked into individual settings allowing for alignment for every use. Miltex loupes are available in 2.5x, 3.0x, and 3.5x magnifications.

The Miltex magnification loupes feature a lightweight sports frame that provides a comfortable fit for most dental professionals. The 180-degree wrap-around shield offers eye protection and exceeds the ANSZ87.1 and high-impact standards for eye protection devices.

The soft nose pad on the frame of the magnification loupes aids pressure reduction on the nose ridge and provides comfort during wear. The nonslip, padded temples provide a secure fit during use and allow the frames to be worn with or without a head strap. Miltex frames are available in black and red.

For additional information about the magnification loupes or other Miltex products, visit the company's Web site at Miltex Dental or contact our customer service team via phone at (866) 854-8300) or send an e-mail to Miltex.

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