Bur kits designed specifically for trimming removable prosthodontics

Feb. 4, 2009
Developed in conjunction with Dr. Joseph Massad, the kits come with special diamond grinders for dentists and laboratory technicians.

ROCK HILL, South Carolina--Dentists who prescribe removable prosthodontics for edentulous patients might have to remodel the lingual cusps before their installation.

Thanks to KOMET USA and Dr. Joseph Massad of Tulsa, Okla., two new bur kits are now available that help dental professionals in this procedure.

Developed in conjunction with Dr. Massad, Kits TD2064 and TD2065 come with special diamond grinders for both dentists and laboratory technicians. These kits will assist with tooth set-up time and post-processing equilibration.

The burs included in the kits prevent prosthesis from tipping by reshaping grooves and eliminating interferences achieving a smooth central fossa. This results in mandibular tooth topography without sacrificing esthetics. The reshaping provides the central fossa a home for opposing maxillary lingual cusps in centric relation occlusion.

The TD2064 and TD2065 kits also come with instruments for trimming and polishing acrylic, and the metal parts of the prosthesis.

The kits have a Post Dam Bur, specifically developed in conjunction with Dr. Massad. This instrument aims to create a consistent calibrated method to carve the post palatal seal.

Having the right kit is important in order for dental professionals to achieve postoperative equilibration and to minimize postoperative appointments.

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