AurumTek milled custom implant abutments feature titanium strength

March 18, 2010
Abutments are compatible with a variety of implant systems.

SPOKANE, Washington--Combine the natural beauty of shaded zirconia and the strength of titanium with Aurum Ceramic's AurumTek custom abutment.

Compatible with a variety of implant systems, AurumTek's palette of shades help ensure a seamless transition between abutment and crown. Emergence profiles help provide optimal soft tissue support and margin placement.

Abutment height, width, margin, and angulation are customized. AurumTek abutments are CAD/CAM milled in-house at Aurum Ceramic in as little as two days in-lab depending on the clinical situation.

AurumTek's titanium base allows a metal-to-metal connection between screw and abutment. This helps prevent fracturing as the stresses from torquing the screw are focused on the titanium versus the zirconia.

Large full arch or full mouth reconstruction cases can be restored. Custom fabricated all-zirconia or all-titanium abutments are also available.

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