Two new sizes availabale for endodontic carbide

March 11, 2010
KOMET USA's H1SML.RASL.006 now comes in a cost-effective five-pack.

ROCK HILL, South Carolina--KOMET USA's H1SML.RASL.006 tungsten carbide instrument, designed for quick and efficient isthmus preparation during endodontic procedures, is now available in two larger sizes.

The sizes are 008 and 010.

A long, slim neck allows for unimpaired vision of the operative site. H1SML instruments have a particularly sharp, round end that allows users to penetrate deeper into the pulp area for easier preparation of an isthmus (the connection between two separate root canals).

In many cases, an isthmus must be created to locate hidden canals between two separate root canals that might contain pulp tissue. Or, in some cases, this might happen with infected and necrotic tissue.

The H1SML instrument, identified with a green ring, is durable and easy to sterilize. For optimal results, KOMET USA recommends the instrument be used without cooling.

There's no need to apply additional pressure. Chips are removed with the air generated from using a multi-functional handpiece. H1SML is available in KOMET's cost-efficient five-pack.

For more information about KOMET USA or the H1SML.RASL.008/010, call (888) 566-3887 or visit KOMET USA.

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