Endodontic file retrieval kit available in U.S.

March 18, 2010
KOMET USA product provides safe removal of fragmented instruments in the canal.

ROCK HILLl, South Carolina--KOMET USA offers practitioners "peace of mind" in the United States with the introduction of a broken endodontic file retrieval kit.

Developed in conjunction with Dr. Dominique Martin of Paris, France, KOMET's Endo Rescue Kit (Kit 4601) is designed for the quick and simple retrieval of a fractured rotary nickel-titanium instrument within the canal.

The kit comes with an H269GK.315.016 endodontic tungsten carbide bur to enlarge the pulp cavity. This improves a practitioner's vision into the canal.

A center drill (G180A.204.110/G180.204.090) excavates the last few millimeters of the canal, providing the practitioner enough access to the broken instrument.

The RKP.204.090 drill exposes the instrument's surface. An extremely-fine trepan bur (RKT.204.090) is placed onto the fragment, seizing and holding it in place using residual dentin. The broken file is then removed from the canal in a counter-clockwise motion.

The kit also comes with manual screw (150.155.000) for those practitioners who would rather not use a handpiece.

For more information about KOMET USA or the Endo Rescue Kit (Kit 4601), call (888) 566-3887 or visit KOMET USA.

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