RADIUS launches campaign for dental health awareness

Jan. 7, 2010
Company's toothbrush designs, customized grips offer smarter way to take care of teeth.

KUTZTOWN, Pennsylvania--With customized grips, ergonomic handles, oval heads, and three times the amount of bristles than ordinary toothbrushes, RADIUS toothbrush designs have had an impact on dentistry.

With wide surface area heads, RADIUS toothbrushes offer users a long-lasting, sustainable toothbrush for less pressure on the gums and a smarter, more efficient clean.

The toothbrush accommodates right- and left-handed people. By encouraging consumers to Get a better handle on it!, RADIUS hopes that everyone will focus more attention on their dental health in 2010 and years to come.

The American Dental Association recommends brushing teeth twice daily for two minutes and that worn bristles won't do a good job of cleaning teeth. But many people's dental habits do not meet ADA standards.

Experts report that poor dental habits , such as not using the right toothbrush, improper techniques, not brushing long enough, not flossing and too much sugar in one's diet lead to a variety of oral problems.

These include heart disease, diabetes, premature birth, arthritis, and osteoporosis.

Also, the ADA recommends replacing a toothbrush every three to four months or when bristles are frayed. The experts at RADIUS agree.

RADIUS toothbrushes have up to 300 percent more bristles and a wide oval head that's designed to fit comfortably in any mouth. In addition, with so many more top-grade bristles, RADIUS toothbrushes--on average--last three times as long as other brands.

With comfortable heads and soft, fine bristles, RADIUS toothbrushes allow users to reach a larger surface with less pressure on the gums. The ADA recommends brushing at an angle. The comfortable, ergonomically designed RADIUS handles are made to brush at just the right angle.

The average brush time, which is 45 seconds for males and 60 seconds for females, is far less than the two-minute ADA brushing recommendation. RADIUS users report that RADIUS Toothbrushes last three times longer than the average toothbrush, helping consumers to also get a better handle on their finances. This saves them money from having to buy new toothbrushes every three months.

"Launched 25 years ago, RADIUS continues to design and manufacture some of the world's most advanced and innovative toothbrushes, and we are so thrilled to see dental health becoming more of a priority for people today," said Saskia Foley, executive vice president of RADIUS.

"Good oral health begins with clean teeth, and RADIUS is helping everyone get a better handle on their teeth. We've already gotten a huge amount of positive feedback on the expansion of our product line, and that shows us that now is the time that people can do something about their oral health in a fun and innovative, yet effective, way."

Since the company's inception, RADIUS has designed seven distinct lines of toothbrushes for different styles and needs. Every line features a customized grip, a round head and soft premium bristles.

Features of each product line include:

RADIUS Original: The first line, the RADIUS Original features an oval head with 300% more premium bristles than an ordinary toothbrush. ADA-accepted, the Original is made from 100% sustainable wood-based cellulose and distributes pressure evenly. This reduces enamel erosion and massaging sensitive gum tissue to reduce bleeding while the handle has a customized grip to help ensure the dentist-recommended, 45-degree angle.

RADIUS Source: With its environmentally friendly design and a handle made from bi-plastics of recycled dollar bills, recycled flax fiber or recycled wood, the RADIUS Source allows users to keep their toothbrush indefinitely. By using RADIUS lightweight, unbreakable replacement heads made from surgical-grade nylon, users can discard the heads and keep the handle indefinitely. The replaceable heads snap easily into the handle, last three months and rotate for left- or right-handed users. With its fanned bristle pattern and a narrow head for better access to the back teeth, the RADIUS Source is the answer for users who want to take care of their teeth and the earth.

RADIUS Scuba: Ideal for harder brushers, the RADIUS Scuba's flexible rubber neck and non-slip handle reduces pressure while the wide oval head and 300% more bristles than ordinary toothbrushes leaves the mouth clean and healthy. Available in a variety of fun colors, the Scuba works for those who wear braces. Also ADA-accepted and available for right- or left-handed users.

RADIUS Intelligent: With a built in two-minute timer and 30-second quadrant timer to help recommended brush time and technique, the RADIUS Intelligent guides users to brush for the appropriate period as recommended by the ADA. Included is a three-month wear meter to signal time for a new replaceable head. The nonslip reusable handle reduces waste by 93%, and is guaranteed for 4 years.

RADIUS Kidz, Totz and Pure Baby: A mini-sized Original, the RADIUS Kidz, with even softer bristles for children's sensitive teeth, a wide head, thumb grip, and comfortable handle, makes brushing teeth fun. For younger children, RADIUS offers the RADIUS Totz toothbrush, for children ages 18 months and up. With its tapered handle for parents and young tots, the FDA-approved and bisphenol-A-free brush is safe for young children's teeth and sensitive gums. Its oval head is designed without corners for delicate gums and teeth. Finally, the RADIUS Pure Baby toothbrush, for ages 6 to 18 months old, is a perfect way for parents to care for their baby's sensitive mouth. With a tapered handle to provide maximum control and guidance, the oval head is designed without corners for a baby's soft mouth.

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