Sesame Communications launches Sesame 24-7

Feb. 8, 2010
Seattle-based Web services provider expands functionality of its online patient connection systems.

SEATTLE, Washington--Sesame Communications has announced the launch of Sesame 24-7.

Sesame 24-7 is a solution suite that encompasses the patient life cycle--from new patients through treatment completion and long-term retention. The growing importance of the Internet in operating a successful dental practice in the digital age is driven by increased competition among clinicians, as well as a strong preference among patients to interact online with service providers 24-7.

Research demonstrates that online patient convenience is integral to long-term practice growth, with 98% of patients in surveys stating they prefer to communicate with their dentist online.

Increasingly, dentists recognize that effective online marketing, consistent 24-7 patient contact and access to information are key to practice profitability and factors that impact overall quality of patient experience. For dentists, being online means being in touch with patients where they spend their time.

Connecting online with patients has evolved beyond a simple brochure Web site. Effective patient connection systems include patient login portals, automatic reminders, patient feedback modules, online doctor-to-doctor collaboration, as well as marketing online to prospective patients in addition to existing patients. Patient connection systems should integrate with daily office activities without increasing workload.

In a recent survey, 87% of doctors reported that they prefer the simplicity and efficiency of working with one provider for their patient connection systems.

Frith Maier, CEO of Sesame Communication, noted, "Managing a dental practice in a highly competitive and tough business environment is complex. We are committed to delivering effective solutions to allow dentists to thrive by enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of patient management through their entire life cycle--from new patients through treatment completion and long-term retention. Sesame 24-7 enhances the quality of patient experience and makes practice growth more predictable and streamlined."

Leveraging more than 10 years of pioneering work in online patient connection systems, Sesame Communications, Sesame 24-7 allows dentists to stay online and in touch with their patients 24-7.

More than three million patients around North America are getting information from their dental professionals through Sesame's e-mail, text and voice reminders, and online information-access portal.

More information regarding Sesame can be found at Sesame Communications
or by calling (877) 633·5193.

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