Light designed for dental, medical doctors

Feb. 9, 2010
Portable, loupe-mounted ExtraLight 3 now available.

ExtraLight 3 by Dent Corp. Research & Development is designed for medical and dental doctors with super three-watt LED that provides 6,500 foot/candle homogeneous square light.

ExtraLight 3 come with mounting on magnification loupes or head band. ExtraLight 3 allows the doctor to see tissues and teeth in the oral cavity in their true color, just like in natural daylight. The light illuminates the oral cavity, without dazzling the patient.

ExtraLight 3 weighs only 12 grams. It is powered by compact, rechargeable, power packs. Two power packs (Power Pack 3) are included in each kit.

Power Pack 3 is a battery based on new electronic design solutions that help improve reliability. The Li-Ion-Polymer battery increases available working time to more than six hours while the weight of the Power Pack 3 is reduced to 137g. A digital dimmer is included that allows adjustment of light power.

The ExtraLight 3 is also available in combination with Dent Corp.'s View-One surgical loupes.

For more information,call the company's supply house at (800) 454-9244, (914) 682-6600, or send a e-mail to Dental Corp.

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