Online office management service reduces embezzlement risks, cuts overhead costs

Nov. 5, 2007
New service provides office management utilizing the Internet to connect to a dental office's practice management software.

A new service by Online Dental Manager provides office management utilizing the Internet to connect to the office's practice management software.

Billing, receivables, coaching, collections, and payable are all managed remotely by ODM's staff. ODM can help the doctor decrease payroll overhead and employment taxes while adding protection from fraud.

The ODM staff can access the office's practice management system using secure and password-protected encryption software via the Internet. On a daily basis ODM will perform the regular office management functions that an on-site office manager might perform, or assist an on-site staff member in completing these tasks.

ODM's experienced staff and proprietary approach to management and organization can perform these daily tasks in a significantly shorter amount of time. At the end of the day the doctor receives a set of reports that provide a comprehensive report of the day's activities.

ODM can help a doctor reduce the risks of fraud and embezzlement. A daily, off-site connection to the dental practice provides an immediate accountability trail. Because no one person has responsibility for receivables and payables, ODM creates a natural "check and balance" system.

ODM was founded by Dr. Rob Thorup and Debbie Lamb, a veteran dental office manager. After Dr. Thorup discovered his long-time office manager had been defrauding his practice, Dr. Thorup turned to Ms. Lamb, who proffered the idea that she could manage Dr. Thorup's Utah-based practice remotely from her Las Vegas, Nev., home.

After experimenting with different types of Internet-based connections, Dr. Thorup and Ms. Lamb perfected a reliable and secure solution with vender partners Dental Design Systems, and then applied their collective practice management experience to develop processes and procedures that would allow daily tasks to be completed quickly and remotely.

"Online Dental Manager can help my colleagues protect their dental practice finances from employee misconduct, provide the highest level in managerial services, and do it all at a significant savings," said Dr. Rob Thorup, one of ODM's founding partners.

"Utilizing today's technology with our highly trained team members, ODM can increase your office manager's capabilities, allow you to completely manage your office with one auxiliary team member, save you money on payroll expenses, and increase practice revenues through proven management tactics."

ODM's value-added service will cost most offices $600-$1200 per month for comprehensive services, plus a one-time start-up fee. "Because of ODM's years of experience with insurance coding, product and procedure differentiation, and other shared business opportunities, every ODM client is pleasantly surprised with an increase in direct revenue," said Dr. Thorup. "We help our clients save money, make money, and protect money."

Doctors and staff can learn more about ODM's services by visiting Online Dental Manager or by calling toll free at (877) 788-6361.