Tungsten carbide cutters improve lab technician's cutting ability

Sept. 14, 2007
Cutters will achieve a quality surface without clogging.

ROCK HILL, South Carolina--KOMET USA, a leader in the production of precision rotary instruments for the dental industry, has introduced Tungsten Carbide Cutters SGFA for dental laboratory technicians looking to improve their cutting techniques on plaster dental models.

TC Cutters SGFA will not only improve a technician's effectiveness, but achieve a quality surface without clogging.

Laboratory technicians require cutters that reduce model material and do not clog. Clogging tends to happen when a model is still wet. Thanks to KOMET's combination of safety toothing and the blade's beveled grinding, TC Cutters SGFA are especially adapted to work on wet plaster and capable of removing large amounts of material while achieving an excellent surface quality.

The special toothing, with a twist to the left, guarantees safe work on plaster even in cases where the technician has to cut a substantial amount of material.

The reduced number of blades on the TC Cutters SGFA allows significant uninterrupted plaster removal during the cutting process. The extensive chip spaces prevent the instrument from being clogged by wet plaster.

The blade's beveled grinding contributes to the perfect result achieved, ensuring low vibration and a smooth, almost effortless operation without straining the operator's wrist. The gentle, yet precise chip removal allows the creation of a smooth surface.

KOMET offers two cutters--H79SGFA.104.070 and H72SGFA.104.070. Both cutters are designed for power systems for dental laboratories only. Technicians should apply low contact pressure only.The optimum speed for the TC Cutters SGFA is 15,000 rpm.

For more information about KOMET USA and TC Cutters SGFA, contact the company at (800) 208-1630 or via the Internet at KOMET USA.