10-year limited warranty offered on VITA YZ milled frameworks

Sept. 18, 2007
Warranty is effective immediately for restorations placed after Sept. 1.

BREA, California--Vident has announced that the company is now offering a 10-year warranty on VITA In-Ceram YZ milled frameworks, effective immediately on all restorations placed after Sept. 1.

"There is a growing number of dental materials that look alike, but these materials do not perform alike," said Bill Sundheimer, president of Vident. "We are happy to offer this warranty as proof of our ongoing commitment to offering the best, most reliable and innovative materials in the dental industry. This warranty assures dentist and patient satisfaction not just for the short-term, but for many years to come when they use VITA YZ frameworks."

VITA In-Ceram YZ blocks are made of yttrium-stabilized zirconium oxide and feature a flexural strength exceeding 900MPa, making it the strongest all-ceramic dental material, with no compromise of esthetics.

VITA In-Ceram YZ blocks, designed for milling on the Sirona inLab, enable the laboratory technician to create a slender framework, while leaving ample room for the application of esthetic VITAVM9 veneering porcelain or VITAPM9 press ceramics.

There are warranty limitations, including the requirement that all processing instructions from VITA are strictly adhered to, and VITA In-CeramYZ frameworks are sintered only in the VITA ZYrcomat furnace.

For full details, including approved indications and warranty limitations, visit Vident or call Vident at (800) 828-3839.