Program automates health-care graphics

Sept. 18, 2007
Computer users can create presentation-quality health-care graphics in just minutes.

SAN has announced the launch of the SmartDraw Healthcare Edition 2008, the first program that automates the task of creating health-care graphics including patient handouts, anatomical diagrams, treatment protocols, timelines, flowcharts, and much more.

Unlike other graphics programs that present users with a blank screen and
rely on users to draw, SmartDraw Healthcare Edition uses templates tailored
to each specific type of diagram--such as a flowchart.

Users enter their information and SmartDraw does the rest: laying out the correct illustration automatically using built-in rules and professional design
themes to guarantee polished, presentation-quality results in just a few

"Health-care professionals will finally be able to create their own diagrams in minutes, not hours. All the diagrams they use for handouts, anatomical
diagrams, education and reporting-without ever drawing," said Paul Stannard,
SmartDraw CEO.

Stannard said SmartDraw has been analyzing feedback from nearly two million
computer users-including thousands of doctors, nurses, healthcare educators
and medical device professionals-who downloaded the predecessor program over
the past year.

"Our healthcare users are not graphics experts. They don't have time to spend on layout and on graphic design. The SmartDraw Healthcare Edition does both, by automatically creating the layout and applying professionally designed color schemes," Stannard said.

Should additional help be required, SmartDraw offers free telephone support
from its own staff located in San Diego. According to its users, the
SmartDraw Healthcare Edition is the essential graphics tool to help them
communicate, persuade, and succeed.

The SmartDraw Healthcare Edition 2008 includes the following unique features
for health-care professionals:

* Thousands of detailed medical illustrations from Lippincott and Elsevier.
The SmartDraw Healthcare Edition includes more than 1,000 professionally designed templates and more than 3,000 medical illustrations from Lippincott, as well as Netter images from Elsevier.

* Integrated Photo Capability. SmartDraw includes built-in photo software
features making it a snap to incorporate photos into healthcare graphics.
SmartDraw captures images from cameras, lets users crop and scale them,
adjust color and brightness levels, and drop them directly into healthcare charts other illustrations.

* Picture Charts for Healthcare Presentations. These lively, eye-catching charts use pictures and images to display data, instead of standard bars, lines and circles. Just like USA Today! We call them Chartoons.

* Automatic Business Graphics. Hundreds of specialized SmartTemplates are included that automate the creation of every type of healthcare graphic,
including: patient handouts, anatomical diagrams, process flows, work
schedules, timelines and more.

* Automatic Graphic Design. A professionally-designed graphic theme,
specifying colors, line and type style, is automatically applied to each graphic. Users can select from a library of themes and apply a different one with a single click.

* Automatic Flowcharting. Flowcharts are built using simple commands. Users
can even build one without taking their fingers off of the keyboard. Lines
are drawn automatically. Formatting is automatic: Shapes are evenly spaced
and perfectly aligned.

* Express Charts. Charts and graphs can be built without having to create a
spreadsheet first. Users can pick a chart and type their data directly into the bars, or simply drag them to represent the right values.

* One-Click Copy to Microsoft Office programs, PDF and many other graphic
formats. SmartDraw 2008 is one of the first applications to adopt the new
ribbon interface used in Microsoft Office 2007.

Users can download a free trial of SmartDraw Healthcare Edition 2008 from
the company's Web site at, and may also purchase online. Individual licenses start at $449.

The company also provides a variety of options for multiple-seat licenses, including an annual subscription agreement for department-level or company-wide usage starting at $2,495.