Product becomes company's global digital restoratives brand

Sept. 18, 2007
Lava products are now part of the Lava Precision Solutions Portfolio.

ST. PAUL, Minnesota--Intending to extend the company's reach into the digital restorative dental space, 3M ESPE has announced extension of the Lava Brand.

"For us, it was a logical step to further define and extend the Lava brand," said Jeff Lavers, division vice president, 3M ESPE. "The brand's solid reputation enables us to extend the Lava brand into new and exciting technologies like the upcoming Lava Chairside Oral Scanner C.O.S."

The entire Lava portfolio is now called Lava Precision Solutions and provides a heightened level of energy and focus to the vision of the organization. It also provides a consistent and clear message that shows the commitment of 3M ESPE to the growing digital restorative space.

Extending the Lava brand in this way communicates 3M ESPE's strength in both material science and digital technology and its capability to integrate both.

This new approach to the Lava brand better captures the company's unique ability to provide customers with innovative and integrated end-to-end digital workflow solutions. These solutions are aimed at improving dental practices and labs, as well as optimizing outcomes for their patients and customers.

With the market becoming more and more cluttered with products that only offer one piece of the digital workflow, an open, integrated solution can help customers confidently move from a conventional way of practicing oral care to a new, digital one. A complete digital workflow solution is a key for success and 3M ESPE is well-positioned for that today and tomorrow.

For more information on the complete 3M ESPE line of dental products, visit the 3M ESPE Web site at 3M ESPE or call the 3M ESPE Customer Care Hotline at (800) 634-2249.