Cone beam 3-D imaging system demonstration conducted

Oct. 18, 2007
First live patient demonstrations of the Next Generation i-CAT 3-D dental imaging system presented at recent 2007 American Dental Association Annual Session.

HATFIELD, Pennsylvania--Imaging Sciences International, a leader in advanced dental and maxillofacial radiography products, and Henry Schein, Inc. successfully participated in the first live patient demonstrations of the Next Generation i-CAT 3-D dental imaging system at the recent 2007 American Dental Association Annual Session in San Francisco, Calif.

Henry Schein is a provider of health-care products and services to office-based practitioners in the combined North American and European markets.

The i-CAT is the leader in Cone Beam 3-D imaging, producing anatomically accurate three-dimensional views of all mouth, face, and jaw anatomy. The i-CAT is exclusively distributed by Henry Schein in the United States and Canada.

The live patient 3-D imaging educational session, featuring the i-CAT, demonstrated how Cone Beam 3-D imaging can be used to analyze patient anatomy and create the most accurate treatment plans for successful surgical procedures.

Blending innovation with patient comfort, the latest i-CAT® version offers the industry's fastest scan and reconstruction times, providing dentists with near-instant data for the best possible patient diagnosis, treatment, and surgical predictability. The i-CAT® produces immediate 3-D images of patients' critical anatomy in less than one minute. It enables dental specialists to significantly enhance patient care in a variety of ways.

First, the i-CAT's unique features include an open seated position environment that is more relaxing for the patient. It also has a typical scan time of 8.5 seconds, with reconstruction taking less than 30 seconds.

Finally, a rotating Amorphous Silicon Flat Panel Sensor captures small and large fields of views, with significantly lower radiation doses compared to traditional CT scans. The result is anatomically accurate patient images for pre-surgical planning.

In addition, the immediate 3-D reconstruction of a patient's mouth, face, and jaw areas enhances doctor-patient communication by allowing doctors to share a visual diagnosis with patients. This provides patients with a better understanding of treatment options, and more confidence throughout procedures. The i-CAT® provides complete views of all oral and maxillofacial structures via an in-office system that is both easy to use and cost-effective.

"We're pleased to be able to provide the i-CAT® to our customers," said Tim Sullivan, President of Sullivan-Schein Dental, the U.S. Dental division of Henry Schein.

The i-CAT's high-definition, advanced imaging technology can be used by a variety of specialists, including orthodontists, periodontists, oral surgeons, implantologists, temporomandibular joint dysfunction specialists, and general dentists placing implants.

With a unique 3-D mapping tool, specialists and technicians are able to format and select desired tooth slices for immediate viewing and further analysis. The 3-D reconstruction gives doctors the ability to more thoroughly analyze bone structure, tooth orientation, joint space, and detect and evaluate deformities and pathologies.

"We are thrilled with the success of the Education in the Round session, and having the opportunity to participate in the first ever live patient scanning at the industry's largest trade show," said Ed Marandola, president and CEO of Imaging Sciences.

"We are pleased to be part of the ADA's efforts to educate dentists on the diagnostic, workflow, and treatment planning benefits of Cone Beam 3-D imaging technology through the i-CAT. During the session, dentists were able to see firsthand the anatomically accurate and in-depth 3-D data produced by each scan. The Next Generation i-CAT machine provides dentists with even more tools to discover the unexpected well in advance of a procedure, shorten treatment planning time, and increase diagnostic accuracy and surgical predictability, making it the industry leader for Cone Beam technology."