German service provider purchases a second Sinterstation Pro SLS System

Oct. 2, 2007
3D Systems' latest Selective Laser Sintering technology enables provider to quickly respond to the growing needs of customers.

ROCK HILL, South Carolina--3D Systems Corporation has announced that CNC Speedform, a leading German service provider, has purchased a second Sinterstation Pro 230 SLS System to help meet the growing demand for its Selective Laser Sintering parts manufacturing services.

With their large build-volume capacity, the Sinterstation Pro 140 and 230 Systems use reliable, intelligent technology to transform computer aided design data into ready-to-use, accurate and durable three-dimensional plastic parts.

The Sinterstation Pro series has short warm-up and cool-down periods for faster machine turnaround times that result in considerable total cost of ownership savings and a competitive edge.

In addition to superior throughput and utilization, the large part-sizes that can be produced on Sinterstation Pro 140 and 230 Systems are unmatched by any other competitive product on the market. These systems produce parts with high accuracy, excellent resolution and smooth surface finish, and are ideally suited for use in short-run rapid manufacturing applications in the aerospace, automotive and motor sport industries.

The Sinterstation Pro System, coupled with 3D Systems new DuraForm EX Plastic, delivers quality parts without expensive molds and long lead times that have the quality of injection-molded parts.

These benefits were attractive to Karl-Heinz Mers, chairman of CNC Speedform, when his company purchased its first Sinterstation Pro 230 SLS System last summer.

With that system, the German company was able to respond quickly and effectively to the growing needs of its customers. Having had such a good experience, CNC Speedform recently decided to purchase a second Sinterstation Pro System.

"Our customers come from the automotive engineering, Formula 1, aerospace, household appliance, electronic and medical technology industries. We have to be able to create both polyamide prototypes and individual parts, including several thousand small work pieces in one operation as well as extremely large parts of flawless quality," Mers said.

"We are very satisfied with the quality of the work piece construction, its dimensional accuracy and surface finish quality. Even bulky pieces can be processed in a standard fashion, eliminating the need for expensive refinishing. The Sinterstation Pro 230 SLS System also offers a real alternative for making limited batches of small parts such as clamps and electrical connectors. Because of the high productivity of the first system and the good experience that we had from the beginning, we decided right away to purchase an additional system in this series."

"Our main objective is to develop system solutions that offer our customers optimal functionality, performance and added value," said Abe Reichental, 3D Systems' president and chief executive officer.

"We are pleased that CNC Speedform is so satisfied with the high capabilities of the Sinterstation Pro 230 System that it has decided to purchase an additional system. The 230 model responds to the growing need to manufacture even larger parts in a single build and features a 47% greater build capacity than the largest competitive sintering system on the market today, enabling our customers easily to produce automotive parts and complex assemblies of flawless quality. In addition, several thousand parts can also be produced in a single build, providing an effective alternative to batch manufacturing."