Restoration marries direct composite and indirect porcelain solutions

July 18, 2007
Heraeus takes esthetic restorations to the next level by being the first manufacturer in dentistry to integrate direct composite solutions and indirect porcelain solutions.

ARMONK, New York--Heraeus recently announced the introduction of its next-generation esthetic solution the "Venus Smile" making Heraeus the first dental manufacturer to deliver a fully integrated esthetic restoration that encompasses both direct composite solutions and indirect porcelain solutions.

The announcement, delivered during the 2007 American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry conference in Atlanta, Ga., builds on Heraeus' commitment to transform people's lives through innovative product solutions, technologies and partnerships.

"The Venus flagship brand offers dentists and laboratories a unified, integrated and simplified approach to esthetic restorations," said Dr. Michael Koczarski, editor of the Journal of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Now for the first time, superior esthetic restorations for all cosmetic procedures can be achieved simply and with the highest in esthetics and natural-looking results.

Consumer demand for natural-looking restorations and a lack of integration among restorative products drove Heraeus to expand the Venus brand, which now includes Venus Composite and Venus Porcelain. Together, they enable dentists to give their patients beautiful restorations.

By equipping dentists with a single solution, Heraeus radically shifts the esthetic restorative environment.

"Porcelain restorations are a team effort--from case diagnosis and preparation to fabrication and delivery of the final restoration to the patient--yet previously the process was fragmented," said Ana Ginja Quillinan, senior product manager.

While there are many good esthetic products in the market, no other company offers and delivers the level of integration or team-oriented expertise and collaboration that Heraeus can.

"It is not easy to take disparate products and capabilities that sit in various parts of the patient treatment and dental delivery system--from the manufacturer to the dental office to the dental laboratory--and unify them in an interconnected system that results in predictable, high-quality treatment for our patients. Heraeus can do this because we have developed our Venus portfolio with a comprehensive partnership focus that revolves around highly-esthetic patient care and unified team collaboration," explained Quillinan.

A key part of the plan is to select, train and certify nationally recognized dental laboratories across the country. These laboratories, known as "Venus Smile Centers," must meet and adhere to rigorous quality standards, which parallels the Heraeus company's quality system methodology.

Heraeus has initially partnered with Dental Arts Laboratories, Inc., in Peoria, Ill. Dental Arts Laboratories, established more than 70 years ago, has a long-standing expertise in high-end restorations. Its state-of-the-art laboratory takes special pride in providing the latest in dental technology and unsurpassed levels of personal and professional service.

"The Venus brand must exceed dentist and patient requirements and expectations. A predictable, perfectly placed and highly-esthetic restoration is a Venus Smile," said Dennis Dalton, Director of Laboratory Sales. "A clearly defined standard has been put in place for the Venus Smile Center laboratories. This, along with a clear method of measuring this standard during periodic evaluations, is the key to success in transforming lives," he explained.

A strong focus, commitment and investment will be made in training both laboratories and dentists to create a Venus branded smile.

"Our responsibility does not stop with the delivery of the Venus Smile," emphasized Christopher Holden, president of Heraeus. "In fact, that's just the beginning. We have a great responsibility to educate and empower both laboratories and practices that offer the Venus brand, a name that is synonymous with health, beauty and wellness including increased confidence, esteem and the pure feeling of elation gained through an esthetically perfected smile."

In addition to training and education, Heraeus will offer high-level branding and compelling marketing through world-renowned clinicians as well as a portfolio of patient education tools.

With a single brand solution, Venus now enables dentists and dental laboratories
to restore patients' smiles with the best high-end esthetic restorations while fostering a superior dialogue with the dental team that will enhance case planning, preparation and placement.

"Heraeus is delivering on its customer promise to continually strive to improve our current products, and at the same time, invest heavily in new research that paves the way for tomorrow's breakthroughs," Holden added.

"This has been a very momentous year for Heraeus in terms of product development, customer adoption, lab partner activation and overall industry awareness and recognition," Holden said. "One of the underlying reasons behind the incredible momentum we are experiencing is the strong technologies and innovativeness on which Heraeus solutions are built."

Dentists can request a FREE starter kit for Venus porcelain restorations from the Venus Smile Center by calling (800) 431-1785 or by visiting Heraeus.