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Materials Product News

Jan. 1, 2003

Zenith/DMG introduces MagicFil™ Zenith/DMG has announced the release of new MagicFil™, a

MagicFil allows dentists to give their pediatric patients a choice of four sparkling shades, helping to ease patient anxiety by actively involving children in their treatment. Kids can choose from Ocean Blue, Wild Berry, Sunny Yellow, and cool white Universal.

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Despite its youthful appeal, MagicFil is a serious filling material that features all the benefits of Zenith/DMG's patented compomer chemistry, including superior biocompatibility, insolubility, and strength. MagicFil is an easy-to-use, dual-cured filling material with a low viscosity for easy placement. The material also releases fluoride to help prevent recurrent decay, and zinc to reduce bacterial activity.

Zenith/DMG supplies MagicFil exclusively in the smart and small 9g double-barreled Smartmix™ handheld automix syringe. Smartmix is a convenient and compact dispensing tool that won't intimidate young patients.

To order, contact your local dental dealer. For more information, visit or call (800) 662-6383.

Full denture stabilization

An acrylic/metal splint can be fabricated and cemented to MTI Transitional Implants (Dentatus USA) to stabilize a maxillary or mandibular full denture. The patient's denture is retrofitted using a soft reline material. Utilizing transitional implants will also slow down the bone resorption of the ridge. The concept is reported to be a creative strategy for "jump starting" the implant aspect of a practice.

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The MTI transitional implants can be routinely used to provide a provisional restoration at the time of implant surgery so the patient is never without teeth, and the patient can master oral hygiene techniques before receiving the final prosthesis.

For more information, call Dentatus at (800) 323-3136.

New multi-function pluggers for composites

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Garrison Dental Solutions introduces two new, titanium-nitride coated, multi-function pluggers to pack, shape, carve, and burnish composite material. Titanium nitride, 40 percent harder than steel, is non-stick and prevents pullback of material during composite restorations. The double-ended convex pluggers are sized small/medium or medium/large, and include an acorn carver and ball burnisher for shaping occlusal contours. Handles are lightweight stainless steel with excellent ergonomics. This is one of seven new instruments being introduced for composite restorations. Available individually, or in kits.

For more information, call (888) 437-0032 or visit

Teeth whitener does not create sensitivity

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Nu Radiance is pleased to introduce an exciting new teeth whitener, Nu Radiance® Duet. This is not just another teeth whitener. This newly patented whitener has a dual syringe that blends a stabilized 22 percent or 30 percent carbamide peroxide gel, that when mixed with an accelerating and hydrating agent, safely speeds up the whitening process while essentially eliminating tooth sensitivity. The tooth is hydrated at the point of application, not allowing desiccation of the tooth and thus not causing sensitivity. No complaints with this product about the length of treatment. Treatments are only 30 minutes! This new sensitivity-free teeth whitener is available through major dental distributors.

Produced by Nu Radiance, Inc. For information call (866) 899-3207.

Single-patient tooth disinfection

Premier Dental Products Company recently introduced Chlorhexi-Prep MicroDose™, a 2% chlorhexidine gluconate solution in a convenient single-dose system to economically disinfect teeth, without concerns of cross contamination.

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Chlorhexi-Prep is ideal for routine application during crown and bridge procedures, prior to placement of composites/amalgams, for the treatment of gingivitis and pericoronitis, or during root-canal procedures.

It is designed to work synergistically with conventional cements and bonding agents so as not to interfere with bond strengths. The MicroDose single-patient 0.2cc pipette is easy to use — place the pipette into the autoclavable syringe, open the tip, and syringe to the desired site. The empty pipette is discarded and the syringe can be conveniently autoclaved.

Chlorhexi-Prep also can be an effective practice builder when dispensed for patient home use to treat mild gingivitis.

Contact your dealer to order. For more information, call (888) 773-6872 or visit

GC America announces Fuji TRIAGE™

GC America, Inc. is proud to announce the introduction of Fuji TRIAGE™ Capsule, a new command-set, low-viscosity glass ionomer.

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The number-one use of Fuji TRIAGE is as a pit and fissure sealant. GC Fuji TRIAGE Capsule can be used for the treatment of early non-cavitated lesions, such as toothbrush abrasion and root-surface sensitivity. TRIAGE also functions as a temporary filling of endodontic access, and as an intermediate restorative material. Uniquely, TRIAGE can be used on teeth that have not fully erupted. It chemically and mechanically adheres to the tooth. No bonding agent is required, as it is self-bonding.

The level of fluoride release from Fuji TRIAGE is much higher than any other glass ionomer. It releases approximately three times more fluoride than Fuji I, and six times more than Fuji IX GP. Fuji TRIAGE easily absorbs light energy because of its light pink shade.

TRIAGE has high-quality setting characteristics and a flowable consistency for improved application to narrow regions like pits and fissures, or exposed roots on interproximal surfaces. The long curved nozzle of the Fuji Capsule helps access these hard-to-reach areas.

For product information, call (708) 597-0900.

Light-curing temporary material

Temrex Corporation has just developed Interval LC, a new light-curing temporary material. Easy to apply, it cures quickly and is easily removed with a sharp instrument or bur.

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Interval LC is ideal for use in cosmetic dentistry. It can be used as a temporary filling, especially on anterior teeth where esthetics are critical. It also can act as a direct-placement temporary for inlay and/or onlay preparations, as well as temporarily restoring teeth during porcelain veneer fabrication. Still another use for this versatile product is as a seal for endodontic access cavities.

Interval LC has a unique elastic consistency that ensures a good seal against the prepared tooth. In most cases, Interval LC can be removed without even using a bur, yet it will set hard enough to be polished smooth with a silicone polisher.

Interval LC provides the discerning clinician with an economical means of temporarily restoring teeth during all phases of cosmetic and restorative dentistry. The material is biologically inert and is compatible with all current permanent cements. It cures to a depth of 2mm in 20 seconds and to a depth of 5mm in 40 seconds. It is characterized by solid mechanical strength, excellent wear resistance, and superior biocompatibility. Interval LC comes in a convenient 4.5g syringe.

For more information, call (800) 645-1226, (516) 868-6221, or visit

New camera caps convert intraoral cameras

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Flow X-ray Corporation introduces Camera Caps — turning your ordinary intraoral camera into a digital image capture device for only pennies per patient! Camera Caps quickly and easily attach to most intraoral cameras, masking the high-intensity lights while leaving an aperture for the camera lens. Simply attach your Camera Cap, point your camera at a conventional radiograph mounted on a lighted viewbox, and you have a digitized image!

Add a video capture card to your intraoral camera, and your X-ray images can be stored or transmitted via your computer — a great tool for diagnosis and treatment planning!

Camera Caps come in easy-to-use dispenser rolls of 200 caps, and cost less than 7 cents each.

For more information, call your local dealer, Flow X-ray Corporation at (800) 356-9729, or visit

Single-patient 38% tooth etchant

Premier Dental Products Company is introducing 38% Etch MicroDose™, a convenient and aseptic method for etching enamel and dentin. The small orafice of the MicroDose pipette ensures precise placement. The etchant remains where placed — without running, yet is easily rinsed with a brief water lavage.

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The small single-patient 0.2cc MicroDose pipette is easy to use and promotes asepsis. Once loaded into the autoclavable syringe, the operator opens the pipette tip and syringes 38% Etch to the desired site. Each 0.2cc pipette contains sufficient material for up to four teeth while ensuring fresh chemistry of the material with every application. After each use, the pipette is discarded and the syringe can be conveniently autoclaved to promote asepsis.

Contact your dealer to order. For more information, call (888) 773-6872 or visit

CF carbon fiber post and GF glass fiber post

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J. Morita USA expands its product line by introducing two new post systems — CF carbon fiber post and GF glass fiber post. Both consist of strong fiber bundles embedded in a special composite material, which will chemically bond with the dental material used for cementation and core buildup. The braided-plait form of the fiber bundles in a multi-axial arrangement gives the posts superior resistance to bending and torsion forces than fibers in a typical single-axial arrangement. Both posts have similar elasticity as dentin, enabling them to flex with the natural dentin. They dissipate occlusal stress rather than transmitting it as metal posts do. They are non-corrosive and biocompatible.

For more information, please contact your local dealer, call J. Morita USA at (888) 566-7482, or visit

Vident introduces In-Ceram® inLab® kit

Vident has introduced an extended kit of special materials designed specifically for the CEREC inLab® user to aid in the production of highly esthetic milled In-Ceram® crowns and bridges.

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The contents of the kit include VITA CEREC milling blanks, firing tray, Accu-Scan model stone and coating liquid for superior scanning, infiltration glass, duplicating base, formers, and diamond finishing burs.

The kit also comes in a high-quality, stackable storage container with a slide-out drawer that elegantly blends into the dental environment and with other VITA porcelain kits.

The In-Ceram inLab extended kit retails for $163 and is available by contacting the Vident Customer Service division at the number below.

Vident has been a provider of innovative dental products since 1985 and is the North American representative of VITA, manufacturer of the internationally recognized Vitapan Classical Shade Guide, Vitapan 3D-Master Shade System, and quality VITA materials. For information, call (800) 828-3839 or visit

CAESY Enterprise version 2.4

CAESY Enterprise 2.4 is the latest release from CAESY Education Systems. This computer network-based program is updated several times a year, and the current update includes numerous new presentations and features.

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New presentations on CAESY Enterprise 2.4 include DentLine presentations on the importance of 3-month re-care and Cracked Tooth Syndrome. DentLine explains current trends and technologies in dentistry in a news program format. Also included on CAESY Enterprise 2.4 is a new series of five presentations called Dental Myths. In a "man on the street" interview format, everyday people share their beliefs about dentistry, and Dental Myths helps shatter the misconceptions of periodontal disease, dentures, or root canals with clear, easy-to-understand narration and visuals. For more information, call (800) 444-6035 or visit

DVA Triumph pressing investment

DVA Triumph investment is suitable for all alloy castings and "press ceramic" systems. Triumph's unique chemistry and manufacturing process, coupled with a special "freeze-stable" liquid, provides a flexibility that surpasses current industry standards.

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Triumph is suitable for rapid casting of crown and bridge, chrome-alloys, and press ceramics. Chrome-alloy repair parts may be quickly cast and used with the laser welding technique. The talc-like powder produces smooth surfaces and easy divesting. Triumph's chemistry provides for increased expansion capabilities necessary to accommodate non-precious alloys and most press-ceramic systems.

Triumph is compatible with the ring or ringless techniques and can be burned out using the standard or rapid burnout procedures without concern for the traditional, 30-minute insertion window. Triumph can be placed in a hot oven in only 20 minutes, several hours, or even several days after investing.

Triumph is available in envelopes of 60g, 90g, and 100g sizes as well as 50-lb. bulk containers.

For additional information and a free sample, call (800) 228-6696, fax at (909) 270-0636, or email at [email protected].

New Wingers disposable sensor holders

Steri-Shield introduces two new items in the line of Wingers disposable digital sensor holders — the anterior and posterior holders for use with small size (#1) digital X-ray sensors.

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The holders are designed to work with all popular sensors including Trophy, Schick, Dexis, Gendex, Dentrix, Planmeca, Sigma, DMD, Sirona, etc.

Technically perfect images are easily obtained with the Wingers positioning system regardless of the sensor used. Holder can be handheld with a hemostat, or quickly attached to a Rinn-type aimer ring and bar set. The versatile attachment points make working around a dental dam easy, and allow plenty of room for endo obturation files.

Holders are designed for single use only; do not heat or cold sterilize. For free samples, call (800) 699-7220 or visit

Embrace™ wet-bond pit and fissure sealant

Pulpdent introduces Embrace™ wet-bond pit and fissure sealant and small lesion restorative. It is formulated from a new dental resin that is wet-bonding for easier application, tooth integrating with strong chemical bonds to tooth structure, and margin-free to eliminate microleakage. After light curing, the clinician cannot find the margin. The product also releases fluoride.

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Embrace is the first wet-bonding pit and fissure sealant. It chemically bonds to the tooth, forming a unique acid-integrating resin network. This improves penetration into pits and fissures, and tests have shown superior results. The product contains no Bis-GMA and no Bis-Phenol A.

Available through your dental dental dealer in four 1.2ml syringe kits plus 20 applicator tips. Suggested retail price is $49.95. For customer service, call (800) 343-4342.

EagleSoft direct integration includes Sirona digital equipment

EagleSoft has added Sirona ORTHOPHOS panoramic and pan/ceph imaging to its direct integration capabilities. This exclusive advancement in digital compatibility provides Sirona users maximum flexibiltiy with direct connectivity between operatories and front office by using a common language. Software translating programs or bridges are eliminated.

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The software's platform provides point-to-point communications between multiple digital devices. This immediate connection provides superior practice coordination while eliminating inefficient bridges as well as accountability challenges between multiple companies and third-party middlemen.

For more information, contact your Patterson representative, EagleSoft direct at (800) 294-8504, or visit

Skin Genie lubricating germicide

The warm, moist environment under surgical gloves creates a breeding ground for bacteria, and many healthcare professionals suffer from skin disorders resulting from this condition. Skin Genie is the solution to this problem.

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Developed at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, Skin Genie is a patented formulation providing benzalkonium chloride, glycolic acid (an alpha hydroxy), cetyl alcohol, and isopropanol 90 percent.

Skin Genie is available through your dental dealer in boxes of 20 29.5ml bottles (590ml total) for $34.50. For customer service, call Pulpdent at (800) 343-4342.

New bone mill

G. Hartzell & Son introduces an exciting new and effective product.

The bone mill is produced from German stainless steel, and the mill component is titanium — 100 percent titanium — not only the surface!

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The milling component can be dismantled for sterilization to ensure that there is no bone residue remaining in the mill. The width of the bone mill can be adjusted by a screw that is positioned between the two handles.

As a result, this new bone mill is an economical and effective reply to the bone mills currently on the market.

Please contact G. Hartzell & Son for information on the hand-held bone mill at (800) 950-2206.

Centerpulse eliminates micromovement

Centerpulse Dental Inc.'s patented friction-fit technology offers an improvement over traditional dental implant connections. Friction-fit technology far surpasses that of standard external and internal connections because rotation, tipping, and vibration-related micromovement of the abutment are virtually eliminated, minimizing costly repairs, adjustments, and remakes.

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Centerpulse Dental Inc., successor to Sulzer Dental Inc., is the dental division of Centerpulse. Centerpulse's subsidiary companies develop, produce, and distribute medical implants and biological materials for the cardiovascular and orthopedic markets worldwide.

The product array includes artificial joints, dental implants, spinal implants and instrumentation; trauma products, heart valves, synthetic blood vessels and stents for vascular and non-vascular obstructions.

To find out more, call (800) 854-7019 or visit

New Varishade bleaching kit with bonus

Varishade's new tooth-bleaching patient kits contain six 3-cc syringes, two 5" by 5" sheets of .040" soft EVA tray material, a tray storage case, full-color patient guide, and a bonus container of 50 meters of dental floss for the patient.

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The kit is available in either a 10- or 16-percent, pH balanced, highly viscous, mint-flavored, carbamide peroxide gel.

All Varishade syringes are independently wrapped with their own dispensing tip, allowing dispensing of one syringe at a time while maintaining product cleanliness and integrity.

For more information, call Lochemco Dental at (800) 882-1788, or write to Lochemco Dental, P.O. Box 4059, Oceanside, CA 92052-4059, Attention Tom Huntzinger, for ordering or additional information.

New capabilities of DENTRIX Image

Dentrix Dental Systems announced that it now provides plug-and-play compatibility between its imaging software and Air Techniques' ScanX digital imaging system.

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ScanX's compatibility with DENTRIX Image increases the range of input capabilities. The system allows digital capture of a number of different types of images — all sizes of intraorals from size 0 to size 4, as well as panoramic and cephalometric images — and then manipulate and integrate the images using the powerful features of DENTRIX Image.

The A/T ScanX digital imaging simplifies the entire imaging process — the A/T ScanX, a computer, and practice-management software are the only requirements. Traditional film is replaced with a Phosphor Storage Plate (PSP). ScanX does not require electronic modification of X-ray units, special lighting, or a darkroom. The patent-pending rapid-feed system results in image acquisition in just seconds. There are no carousels or holders to change; PSPs are inserted directly into the ScanX. Image is available just 17 seconds after the initial exposed intraoral PSP enters ScanX.

For more information, visit

LumaLite offers paint-on whitener

LumaLite, Inc. introduces StayBright™ Professional Take-Home Whitening Enhancer, a whitening product that is as easy to use as nail polish. Patients simply brush the StayBright solution on the teeth they want to whiten. Mouth trays are not needed and no tooth sensitivity has been reported. StayBright takes only seconds to apply and begins to whiten teeth within days. It is applied 2-3 times a day for two weeks. Whitening results of up to eight shades have been reported.

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StayBright contains 8% carbamide peroxide in an alcohol base. Once StayBright is applied to the tooth, the alcohol evaporates, leaving a precipitate that yields approximately 20-30% carbamide peroxide. The peroxide then begins to whiten the teeth. StayBright can be used to enhance and maintain in-office whitening results or as an at-home whitening product. StayBright is available only to dental professionals for their patients and is sold through authorized dental distributors. Each case (12 bottles, 0.5 oz. size) includes an in-office point of sale display. The product has a 16-month shelf life and does not require refrigeration.

Contact your dental dealer or call LumaLite at (800) 400-2262 for more information.

BISCO redesigns and expands Web site

BISCO, Inc., a global leader in esthetic dentistry, announces its newly designed Web site. The user-friendly and dynamic interface allows the user to easily locate product information, instructions, MSDS sheets, and scientific and technical information, as well as convention and lecture schedules. Continuing-education programs offered through the BISCO Institute are highlighted.

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New capabilities enable searching by keyword, product, and MSDS sheets. In addition, dental laboratories currently selling TESCERA™ indirect composite restorations throughout the United States can be located using the TESCERA Lab Finder. Also new is an extensive list of dental links.

The site has maintained its on-line purchasing capabilities and allows viewing of BISCO's product line including ALL-BOND® 2, ONE-STEP®, TYRIAN™ SPE, and ÆLITE™ LS. Customers can locate dealers by clicking Distribution Network.

To view a wealth of information, visit

Locator extra-light retention male

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Zest Anchors, Inc., announces a new Locator Replacement Male. The Locator ELR (extra-light retention) Replacement Male has been added to the existing two retention strengths of Locator Males to reduce the overall retention of an overdenture that is supported by multiple implants or roots. It can also be used in cases where gradual loading is preferred.

The Locator ELR Replacement Male is color coded blue, and has a retentive holding force of only 1.5 pounds compared to the original white Replacement Male which has retention of 5 pounds, and the pink Replacement Male which has retention of 3 pounds.

For more information, call Zest Anchors, Inc. at (800) 262-2310.

New Dental Insurance Coding Handbook — 4th Edition

The completely updated Dental Insurance Coding Handbook — 4th Edition contains the required HIPAA current version CDT-4 codes needed by all dental offices and insurance carriers (effective January 2003).

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More than just a listing of codes, this comprehensive manual details payment guidelines, information on writing narratives, attachments, common terms, and charting and documentation essentials.

Easy to use and understand, it can help speed up insurance reimbursement and protect offices again adverse utilization review. Written by Carol Tekavec, RDH, insurance columnist for Dental Economics magazine and speaker on recordkeeping and insurance for the ADA Seminar Series.

The manual is available for $97 plus $6.50 shipping. For orders and information, call (800) 548-2164 or visit

SpectraSoft releases AppointmentsPRO™ version 8.0

SpectraSoft Inc. is pleased to announce AppointmentsPRO™ version 8.0. AppointmentsPRO™ is a powerful and intuitive Windows-based software product designed to manage complex appointment scheduling and resource-management tasks. Version 8.0 now also supports HIPAA protocols.

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Healthcare providers will gain unprecedented scheduling versatility and maximum control of access to the information contained in patient records.

Users can define access to patient information through many levels of security, and can be given the power to reset their passwords at will to prevent unauthorized access to information. Appointment history is easy to archive, and retrieveable by the click of a button. A Hide (toggle) feature protects sensitive information on the screen in busy environments.

SpectraSoft Inc. specializes in front-office management solutions for the healthcare industry, with products installed in more than 3,000 medical offices, clinics, and hospitals nationwide.

For more information, call (800) 889-0450 or visit

3M™ ESPE™ Sinfony is now more versatile

Dentists now can utilize the light-curable 3M™ ESPE™ Sinfony™ Magic Shades to simulate the natural shade transitions and other specific colorations of direct, indirect, and temporary restorations.

Originally developed for use with Sinfony indirect lab composite, Sinfony Magic Shades now can be used with additional 3M ESPE products such as Paradigm™ MZ100 block for CEREC™, and Protemp™ 3 Garant™ temporization material.

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Comprising 11 tints, Sinfony Magic Shades enable technicians to create a wide range of special effects in restorations. Providing shade effects similar to porcelain, it can be used to reproduce all shade nuances and characterizations such as cracks in enamel, mamelons, decalcified areas, imitation fillings and wear facets, as well as various special effects in the cervical, pit and fissure, or enamel region. Sinfony Magic Shades are available in pastel tones — Ocean Blue, Atlantis, Chestnut, Havana, Orange, Khaki, Vanilla, Honey Yellow, Gingiva, Red, and Terracotta. A neutral transparent Opal material is also available.

Sinfony Magic Shades can be purchased in a Sinfony Magic Set that includes the nine most popular shades, plus a dispenser handpiece and shade guide. In addition, all tints and the transparent opal material can be purchased individually as single packs.

For more information, visit or call (800) 634-2249.