NuSmile Pediatric Crowns names exclusive distributor in Mexico

March 1, 2013
Villa de Cortes Dental Depot will serve as distributor.

HOUSTON, Texas—NuSmile Pediatric Crowns, a manufacturer of esthetic pediatric crowns, has announced the naming of Villa de Cortes Dental Depot as an exclusive distributor in Mexico.

NuSmile offers pediatric patients an enhanced esthetic option to conventional stainless steel crowns while providing durability. The company’s flagship products, NuSmile Signature crowns, are anatomically correct, stainless steel crowns with a natural-looking, tooth-colored coating.

Numerous independent clinical studies have documented the ability of NuSmile Signature crowns to deliver shear bond strength and fracture resistance. In addition, NuSmile Signature anterior crowns exhibit color stability while NuSmile Signature posterior crowns deliver wear resistance similar to conventional stainless steel crowns. Overall parental satisfaction is in excess of 90% for anterior and posterior crowns.

NuSmile ZR crowns, the latest addition to the NuSmile product family, are the next generation in pediatric restorative technology and represent a balance of art and science. Made from monolithic zirconia ceramic, NuSmile ZR offers esthetics, durability and easy placement compared to composite restorations and strip crowns.

“We have the utmost confidence that Villa de Cortes is the right partner to help Mexican dental practitioners appreciate how NuSmile Crowns can benefit their practices and their patients,” said Diane Johnson Krueger, owner and CEO of NuSmile Pediatric Crowns.

“We are very excited to introduce our pediatric crowns to this vital market.”

Antonio Safar Curi, general manager of Villa de Cortes Dental Depot, said: “We are honored to have been selected by NuSmile to be their exclusive distributor in Mexico. Our customers and their patients will be thrilled with the natural, attractive appearance of NuSmile’s esthetic crowns compared to conventional stainless steel crowns, and they will be especially pleased with their proven durability.”

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