Whiter Image Dental to launch sensitivity eliminating whitening gel

Oct. 9, 2013
Whiter Image Dental announces the upcoming release of their sensitivity-eliminating In-Office Whitening Gel.

Whiter Image Dental is again showing the dental industry why they have been nominated a Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) Top 40 innovative company with the upcoming release of their sensitivity-eliminating In-Office Whitening Gel. Known best for teeth whitening products in the in-office, take-home, retail, and promotional markets, Whiter Image Dental offers significant savings over competitors and also gives dentists the added benefit of a Personal Marketing Consulting Program designed to help dentists grow their practices with whitening products.

The new whitening gel is comprised of four different types of stabilizers that significantly reduce sensitivity, keeping up with Whiter Image Dental's trend of putting the patient first. Whiter Image has listened to the suggestions of many of its clients by addressing sensitivity and tooth or gum pain as a major teeth whitening concern. After two years of research, the Whiter Image Dental team came up with a formula that dramatically reduces and even eliminates sensitivity without compromising results. In fact, said Whiter Image, user testing indicated the new gel received equal if not better results than their competitors.

The inventive design made possible by the stabilizers means that product shipments no longer have to be packed in ice-packs, reducing the cost and concern of weighty national and overseas orders. Typically international shipments to warmer countries involve a great deal of ice-packs to maintain the required temperature of whitening products. Any whitening product that falls victim to custom's delays faces the risk of potential instability, something that Whiter Image Dental's scientists have worked hard to find a solution to. The price reduction that is involved with shipping is an added bonus to Whiter Image's clients, most of which already save 30 to 50 percent on whitening products to comparable products.

"Our new In-Office Whitening Gel has been under research, development and user testing for over two years," explains Whiter Image Dental's Director of Marketing Chris Morrison. "The gel's 30 percent hydrogen peroxide formulation is designed for in situ activation and requires no expensive light or syringe-to-syringe mixing, adding further value to our long line of whitening products."

To learn more about Whiter Image Dental and the new In-Office Whitening Gel, contact them at 877-944-8330 or visit them online at http://whiterimagedental.com/.