BriteSmile Unveils Its First-ever On-the-Go Whitening Product

Oct. 14, 2003
BriteSmile To Go™ Challenges Whitening Trays � Delivering Similar Results without the Hassle, Mess, Time or Cost.

BriteSmile, the leading innovator in professional teeth whitening, today revolutionized teeth whitening yet again, by offering a new state-of-the-art product for personal whitening. The proprietary BriteSmile To Go presents dentists with a new option for patients who want whiter teeth or are interested in keeping their white smiles white. BriteSmile To Go combines the ease of at-home whitening with the effectiveness and professionalism associated with the BriteSmile brand.

BriteSmile To Go, which whitens teeth with the use of a convenient and lightweight "whitening pen," provides dentists with a great alternative to messy and expensive whitening trays and strips. The BriteSmile To Go click pen applicator applies a clear proprietary whitening formula that dries rapidly on the surface of teeth allowing the time released formula to safely and gently whiten teeth. Within seconds, the user has forgotten that it is even there.

The ease of the product dramatically increases patient compliance. Just two easy 30-second applications a day is all it takes to dramatically whiten teeth within two weeks, and without the significant sensitivity experienced with other options in the marketplace. BriteSmile To Go also has a fresh mint taste that is unique in the marketplace.

"The potential is there for this product to revolutionize the whitening industry," said John L. Reed, BriteSmile CEO. "With BriteSmile To Go, dentists can offer their patients the same results as whitening trays, from a name they trust, without the mess, hassle and at a third of the cost. The result? Greater ease and increased profits for dentists and satisfied patients. In other words, smiles all around."

BriteSmile will be selling the product through its call center (1-800-BRITESMILE), a dedicated website (, its 14 Professional Teeth Whitening Spas in major cities across the United States and through dental offices around the world. Dentists interested in selling BriteSmile To Go in their practice can order by calling 866-243-1300.

The rollout of the product is being supported by a fully integrated marketing initiative, including a multi-million dollar advertising campaign, direct mail, public relations, and on-line campaign.

BriteSmile To Go is packaged in a stylish, compact travel case. Each case contains three whitening pens, which can also be carried individually like a pen or lipstick.